Wednesday, February 10, 2021

GMA's Voltes V Legacy Reveals Two More Characters

Just this evening two (2) of the important characters of GMA's Voltes V Legacy were introduced and reveal to the public. Steve will be played by Miguel Tanfelix and for Jamie's role will be Ysabel Ortega. 

Miguel Tanfelix first big hit on-screen was Mulawin which is a Fantaserye and now he'll be doing one of the best-animated stories of all time. He'll be playing the role of Steve Armstrong or Kenichi Go (the Japanese name of the character).  

Steve is the eldest son of Dr. Armstrong. He is the leader of the Voltes team. One of his favorite thing to do is riding his motorcycle. He flies the Volt Cruiser, which forms the head of the mighty robot Voltes V. His main expertise and choice of weapon is the laser pistol. 

Steve's character is a very adventurous child. Although the Armstrongs loved their children very much, they had to reprimand Steve more often than his two siblings. This was because of his character in nature who loves to go out with his friends. 

When Dr. Armstrong disappeared this was Steve's turning point. He had realized that he needs to help his mother take care of his siblings. Thus, making him more responsible. 

Ysabel Ortega is the chosen lone lady to portray the role of Jamie Robinson. Ysabel is the daughter of Senator Lito Lapid. She was originally from ABS-CBN's Star Magic. 2019 when she decided to transfer to GMA 7 which later on become part of the prime-time series The Gift, starring Alden Richards. 

So, who is Jamie Robinson or Megumi Oka? Well, she is the daughter of Commander Robinson. She pilots the Volt Lander which forms the feet of Voltes V. She is an expert in the art of stealth or ninja. 

In Jamie's family, it is a tradition to cultivate the mind and body that is why during her younger days she already received special training. Jamie became the perfect blend of Oriental and Occidental cultures. She always remained calm and quiet in the face of trouble. But also knows how to have fun. 

She was selected to be part of the team because of her abilities. 

More characters to be revealed!

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