Thursday, March 11, 2021

Fe Mendoza Yamaguchi Solely Manages Her Live Selling Business, the Yamabear Collection


Girl power! This might be a bit cliche but this Women's Month, there is always good news to share when it comes to women empowerment. For me, I think I can compare women to Shiva, a Hindu God with more than two hands. Why? Well, women today are handling more than just one task with them. From taking care of the family up to taking care of their jobs or businesses. Imagine handling the needs of the family from cooking to kids' assignments, then top it up with the needs of their works, or part-time jobs. All of this is to augment the financial needs of the family. It's a tough job!

There are quite a few already who have been recognized because of their hard work and perseverance, most especially the women of the society. They are more to be called empowered ladies.

Recently, I was able to get a chance to interview one of these women in power, as we celebrate Women's Month, let me take you virtually to Japan where our featured lady lives and does her entrepreneurship. The woman behind the name LV Queen, Ms. Fe Mendoza Yamaguchi of YamaBear Collection, who resides now in Japan but formerly in Baguio City, the Philippine's Summer Capital, is one of the empowered ladies who strive to get on top for her family. She's dubbed as LV Queen because she buys and sells pre-loved high-end products and one of them is the LV or Louis Vuitton.


Every successful business always has its humble beginnings, for Ms. Fe, she started by simply selling pre-loved items on her social media wall, then later on she gains a following that pushed her to have more mixed brands on her lists. But of course, every business has its downtime and problems, one of which is being scammed. We all know the effects and few details when you get scammed, but we won't be talking about it any further.

The pandemic also hit Ms. Fe's business but this doesn't stop her from doing what she loves most, business. Right now her online selling business is currently a one-woman-band but Ms. Fe is looking forward to expanding her business and plans to get more buyers of the item.


If you're a woman who loves branded items but doesn't have that much to go with the new ones, well you have Yamabear Collection to give you what you need. To get a glimpse of how they do the business and what high-end items are being sold, simply watch Ms. Fe's live selling. She does her live feeds every day just go to the Yamabear Collection digital links.

Yamabear Collection

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