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Esguerra Farms & Stud Inc.: Discovering Kurobuta Charm and Farm Wonders

As the first rays of the morning sun gently caress my awakened senses, I find myself immersed in a breathtaking panorama - a vast expanse of land stretching out before me, adorned with a tapestry of lush green grass and majestic trees. It is nature's brushstrokes painted a scene of unbridled beauty, where the air breeze the natural freshness. This is no ordinary place; it is a harmonious symphony of life, an abundant and self-sustaining farm that seems to hum with the rhythm of the earth itself.

And that would probably be my line dreaming!

So, this vast majestic land is actually called the Esguerra Farms & Stud Inc., comprising the 54 hectare of property nestled in Lipa City, Batangas. It beckons with its diverse array of animals, lush vegetation, and delightful experiences. However, before we embark on a journey to this idyllic farm, there are five (5) things to know that would somehow give you a second thought... not to give in to this opportunity.


1. A Sanctuary for Animal Health:
Upon visiting Esguerra Farms, guests must abstain from visiting other farms or markets for at least three days. This seemingly peculiar rule serves a critical purpose: to safeguard the health and well-being of the animals within the farm's confines. By reducing potential exposure to external contaminants, the risk of spreading viruses and diseases is minimized. Such measures is common in various farms, showcase a thoughtful and responsible approach to animal welfare.

2. Beware the Allure of Nature and Farming:
If you possess an unyielding love for nature, farming, and raising animals, you must proceed with caution. Esguerra Farms possesses an enchanting quality that can captivate hearts and ignite dreams of starting your own farming venture. The sheer beauty of this sanctuary can awaken a deep-seated desire to embark on a similar journey of agricultural pursuits.


3. An Immersive Learning Experience:
A visit to Esguerra Farms offers a rare opportunity to gain a holistic perspective on animal husbandry. From nurturing of the famous Kurobuta or black pigs of Berkshire, Boer and Anglo Nubian goats, lambs, racing horses, Peking ducks, and Tilapia fish to cultivating fruits and vegetables, the farm embraces a comprehensive approach to sustainable living. Engaging with this diverse ecosystem imparts invaluable knowledge, making it a compelling destination for anyone seeking hands-on, educational experiences.

4. The Irresistible Temptation of Kurobuta Meat:
Prepare yourself for a tantalizing culinary encounter at Esguerra Farms! The farm proudly presents the exquisite Kurobuta, or Black Pig, meat—a delicacy that surpasses the ordinary pork found in the market. It's the wagyu of pork! Kurobuta are farmed in a strictly regimented natural and stress-free way without any synthetic antibiotics and growth hormones. It is similar to how wagyu is raised. Once you have savored the delectable flavors of this premium meat, purchasing regular pork might forever be a choice marred by hesitation.


5. A Priceless Encounter with Mr. Herminio "Hermie" Esguerra:
If fortune smiles upon you during your visit, you might have the incredible opportunity to be personally guided by the farm's visionary, Mr. Herminio "Hermie" Esguerra. A veritable treasure trove of wisdom and experience, Mr. Esguerra's guided tour is an extraordinary privilege. While the experience comes with a symbolic price tag of $100 per hour, the memories and insights gained from this encounter are utterly priceless.

The Farm Tour Experience

When I say priceless, it is indeed priceless! Sometimes words aren't enough to describe the emotion, the feeling, and the experience. The Esguerra Farms & Stud Inc. offers far more than the enticing blend of nature and agriculture but of human-animal connections.


Before entering the premises all are subjected for disinfection or decontamination. Even vehicles are sprayed with disinfectants to kill any contaminants, bacterias or viruses. This is one way of keeping the farm uphold with its health and sanitation standard for the safety of the animals inside the farm.


For me, it is a rare opportunity that the owner, Mr Herminio "Hermie" Esguerra personally led the tour and shared his stories on how the farm started and formed to what it is now. From just a simple horse farm it grew to include other livestock such as the Berkshire pigs, goats, lambs, ducks, chickens, fruits and even vegetables. 

To make to tour enjoyable and probably unforgettable, Mr. Esguerra punched in some interesting jokes. From nation building to some witty and funny stories. Honestly, I enjoyed every moment of the tour. It's my dream to have a sustainable farm like the Esguerra. I would probably spend my retirement owning one. 

From horses to goats to pigs and up to even the fishes, all are raised inside the farm naturally without any chemicals or synthetic antibiotics and growth hormones. If you're familiar with the term 'free-range', that applies to this farm. As these pigs are allowed to range freely in pasture with plenty of sunlight, fresh air and space. So every animals inside the farm are stress-free. 

Since, I love farming and had some few experience in hog raising, it piqued my interest of the technology of how they raise these animals. How they manage to incorporate innovation into farming and animal husbandry. Some of these technologies are simple and yet effective, like how the pigs are harvested stress-free, the shelters of the animals, and the system of raising the mudfish or hito. 

The Palate Experience with Kurobuta Meat

The royal meat of pork, or the wagyu of pork. Juicy, tender and expensive. Yes, it is expensive but why settle for cheap when you can have the healthy top class of meat. 

That day was almost an all meat day! I got to taste the Cochinillo, the Coppa Cut of meat grilled to perfection, and many more. You can really taste the difference between the Kurobuta and the usual meat. The juiciness is quite different. You can taste the fatty part of the meat but it's not as greasy as the one we buy in the market. I think it was called the "lard," which is the healthy and intensely tasty, creamy fats. But of course, all in due moderation. 

My sum up thought

The Esguerra Farm is living a sustainable and eco-friendly environment where their animals grow. So the end products are not just fresh but natural in all its aspect. So, will I look for their products, will surely do. Since most of the products today are packed with synthetic antibiotics and growth hormones may it's about time to find a better alternative that are safe and healthy. 

Where to find Kurobuta meat?

Well, if you hunger for the exquisite taste of Kurobuta meat, they can be find in the following retailer stores like healthy options, All Day Supermarket, GrabMart and more. If you want you can also order from their website 

You can also find them being serve in various hotels and restaurants like Okada, The Peninsula Manila, Sofitel, Grand Hyatt, City of Dreams, Solaire, Wild Flour, Nikkei Robata, 1120 House, The Black Pig, Wolf Gang's Steak House, Miyazaki, Kai, and many more. 

Esguerra Farms and Stud, Inc.
Lipa City, Batangas

Esguerra Kurobuta Pure Berkshire Meat Shop
Herma Building, 94 Scout Rallos, Brgy. Sacred Heart, Quezon City
Tel No. 8922-3421 local 216
Retail : 09178203382
Wholesale: 09178524669


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