Wednesday, January 24, 2024

PABLO of SB19 Breaks Ground in 2024 with the genre-blurring single 'DETERMINADO

Filipino artist PABLO, a member of SB19, has returned with a captivating new single, "DETERMINADO," marking his first release of the year under Sony Music Entertainment. Produced by his brother Josue, the track blends hip-hop and rock genres, showcasing PABLO's commitment to pushing musical boundaries while maintaining his unique artistic identity.

PABLO commended his brother for contributing groundbreaking ideas during the track's development, emphasizing their collaborative approach and mutual inspiration. The singer-songwriter highlighted their seamless connection, attributing it to growing up in the same environment. The duo's teamwork is evident in the distinctive style that sets them apart from trends.

"Determined" incorporates dense instrumentation, gloomy synths, and powerful beats, revealing a different facet of SB19's vocalist and main rapper. PABLO expressed the track as a realization of facing fears and obstacles while moving forward with courage. The song reflects moments of vulnerability and strength amid chaos.

In a bid to embark on a new phase in his career, PABLO confidently explores a sonic space untouched by his contemporaries. He stated, "Our music is not just the output; it’s a collective of all the micro-things that happen behind the scenes and all throughout the process." Assertive and forward-looking, PABLO's departure from previous releases is evident in the fusion of hip-hop and rock genres.

Beyond "DETERMINADO," PABLO has exciting plans for 2024, anticipating more solo releases alongside his contributions to SB19. A debut album is also on the horizon, showcasing the artist's determination to further expand his musical portfolio.

As PABLO puts it, "Again, going back to the song title, we are indeed on this journey. I have so many things planned to do in 2024, and definitely one of those is to release my own album." PABLO's "DETERMINADO" is now available on all digital music platforms worldwide through Sony Music Entertainment.

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