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Melai Cantiveros Hosts ABS-CBN's First Mainstream Bisaya Talk Show

ABS-CBN is set to make history with its first mainstream Bisaya talk show, "Kuan on One," hosted by the lively and beloved Melai Cantiveros. The show, premiering on July 2 on ABS-CBN Entertainment's YouTube channel and iWantTFC, promises to bring humor and heartwarming stories to its viewers.

Melai Cantiveros, known for her comedic talent and endearing personality, expressed her excitement for the new show. “Ini ang talk show na para sa mga Bisaya ug mga Bisaya at heart [This is the talk show for Bisaya people and for those who are Bisaya at heart],” she shared in the show's full trailer. Melai’s enthusiasm is contagious, setting the stage for a show that aims to entertain and inspire.


"Kuan on One" is not just another talk show. It's a platform where Bisaya celebrities share their stories of inspiration and success in their native language. Melai emphasizes the show's unique approach, stating, “It’s all about happiness. Dito talaga iiyak ka sa tawa. Relaxation nalang nila [guests] ‘yung interview na Bisaya. It’s all about past na life nila and lahat ng pwede nilang sabihin under the sun in Bisaya na pwede nilang i-open up sa kanilang Kuantie.” Her words promise a series filled with laughter and heartfelt moments.

Over the course of 13 episodes, viewers will enjoy candid conversations and interactions with a variety of guests. Melai’s engaging personality will shine through as she speaks with her guests in the Bisaya vernacular, discussing a range of topics. Expected guests include fellow "PBB" big winners Kim Chiu and Maymay Entrata, BINI members Aiah and Colet, Sheryn Regis, Vivoree, Jason Dy, and Christian Bables.

The title of the show, "Kuan on One," is a nod to the Bisayan expression "Kuan," a versatile term often used when searching for the right word. This playful use of language reflects the show's light-hearted and relatable nature, aiming to connect deeply with its audience.

Melai Cantiveros has long been a household name in the Philippines. Her rise to fame began when she won "Pinoy Big Brother: Double Up" in 2009. Since then, she has become a beloved figure on Philippine television, known for her comedic roles and genuine personality. Her ability to make people laugh while touching their hearts has earned her a loyal fan base.

Her crazy antics and humorous approach to life are expected to be a highlight of "Kuan on One." Melai's natural wit and charm will undoubtedly make each episode a joy to watch. Whether she’s sharing her own experiences or drawing out amusing anecdotes from her guests, Melai’s presence ensures that the show will be both entertaining and meaningful.

The show’s premiere on July 2 is highly anticipated. Streaming on ABS-CBN Entertainment's YouTube channel and iWantTFC, "Kuan on One" is set to reach a wide audience. iWantTFC offers easy access to its content library for free, and viewers can enjoy the show on various devices, including Chromecast and Airplay. This accessibility ensures that fans from all over the world can join in the fun and enjoy the show’s unique Bisaya flavor.


Melai Cantiveros’s new show is a testament to her enduring appeal and the rich cultural heritage of the Bisaya people. By bringing Bisaya language and stories to the mainstream, "Kuan on One" celebrates a vital part of Filipino identity. Melai’s heartfelt approach and natural humor promise to make each episode memorable.

As the premiere date approaches, excitement is building. Melai's fans and Bisaya-speaking viewers are eager to see their stories represented and their language celebrated on a national platform. "Kuan on One" is more than just a talk show; it’s a celebration of Bisaya culture and an invitation to laugh, relax, and enjoy heartfelt conversations.

Don’t miss the premiere of "Kuan on One" on July 2 on ABS-CBN Entertainment's YouTube channel and iWantTFC. Join Melai Cantiveros and her guests as they bring humor, heart, and Bisaya pride to your screens. Tune in, laugh along, and celebrate the unique stories of Bisaya celebrities and their journeys.

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