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Sunday, May 7, 2023

Sparkle Teens will they shine like a diamond or just another gem stone ornaments?

7:58:00 AM

There's a new set of gems that will sparkle in the grounds of GMA. Shining the spotlight to these bright, energetic, and bubbly teen stars as Sparkle launched Sparkle Teens. With a mix of former child actors turned teenaged head-turners and completely fresh faces, will bring something more to the table of entertainment. 

Rear (L-R): Zyren dela Cruz, Josh Ford, Charlie Fleming, Princess Aliyah, Keisha Serna, Andrei Sison, Antonio Vinzon Middle (L-R): John clifford, Waynona Collings, Liana Mae, Naomi Park, Aya Domingo, Gaeas Mischa, Selina Griffin, Marco Masa Front (L-R): Lee Victor, Bryce Eusebio, Ashley Sarmiento, Aidan Veneracion, James Graham

Sparkle consultant and renowned starmaker Mr. M stated that despite their ages, these teens do have "It" that certain quality to make it big and far in showbiz. Well, we all know what he has done and some of his accomplishments. So, we will definitely look forward to this shining teen stars. 

Sparkle's Assistant Vice President Ms. Joy Marcelo believes that the talent agency has prepared the Sparkle Teens well enough for them to take on any challenge that the industry throws their way. With nothing to dull their shine, these teens will sparkle!

 "We had these kids go through months of intense workshops before their launch as Sparkle Teens, They trained with the best acting, singing, and dancing coaches to help them become the stars that they're meant to be. No easy task but they pulled through really well,"

"Ask any one of them to perform and they will deliver, that's how confident I am with the caliber and star power of our Sparkle Teens. And it's a big plus that these kids genuinely love to perform - they are a joy to watch".

Additionally, Ms. Ana Feleo, Sparkle's head acting coach, expressed her excitement for the launch of the Sparkle Teens. After playing a major role in their development as artists, she has witnessed their struggles and triumphs and now, all that's left for them to do is flourish.

"There is no doubt that they are talented, and they all have their unique strengths. They've only started to bloom, and I cannot wait to see how far they will go in this industry that we respect and love."

Lastly, Sparkle's Senior Assistant Vice President Ms. Annette Gozon-Valdes forecasts a busy and bright future ahead for the Sparkle Teens. 

"There is so much to look forward to for the Sparkle Teens in the next coming months. To name a few, we have a billboard, music video, and social media campaigns that higlight all of their unique personalities and talents, which fans would not want to miss out on! They will also be cast in teen-oriented shows of GMA, while some are already lined up for different dramas. The teens will also be guesting in All-Out Sundays, which will give viewers the chance to se them in a different light and also get to know them better,"

So, what do you think of this new teen stars? Will they shine bright or will just be another gem stone ornaments?

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