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Thursday, May 26, 2022

Ayana Misola Enjoyed AJ's Luscious Lips

12:27:00 AM


'Iskandalo' has been in the mid of its series in Vivamax, the country's number 1 streaming platform, showcasing Vivamax’s hottest and sexiest stars all together in this exciting 10-part series. Headlined by sizzling streaming queen Cindy Miranda (Adan, House Tour, Reroute) and Vivamax’s ultimate maximum crush AJ Raval (Death of a Girlfriend, Taya, Hugas).

Adding more heat to the scandal are new crushes Ayanna Misola (Pornstar 2; Kinsenas, Katapusan), Angela Morena (X-Deal 2) and newcomer Andrea Garcia. Even former FHM cover Jamilla Obispo will unleash her own brand of sexiness in this edgy new series by hitmaking director Roman Perez Jr (Taya, House Tour, Hugas, Siklo).

With the sizzling story of Iskandalo, Ayana Misola shared in the media conference of the series that she did enjoyed the luscious lips of AJ Raval. "... super lambot ng lips nya (AJ Raval)... opo... AJ nag-enjoy kaba?" shared by Ayana.

Iskandalo begins with the death of a popular young celebrity who was recently involved in a viral sex scandal. Was it suicide? Foul play? Who killed her? A woman cop is determined to solve the crime that will blow up to even more scandalous proportions as it will involve treachery among influential people. It’s a classic whodunit story.

Fans of Vivamax’s maximum crushes are in for the most satisfying binge-watch experience as they have all of ten weeks to be with their fantasies. AJ Raval is on fire in Iskandalo, cementing her reputation as this generation’s pinup girl. Ayanna Misola was a revelation in Kinsenas, Katapusan and her irresistible innocent-outside-naughty-inside appeal will have her fans glued to the series. Newcomers Angela Morena and Andrea Garcia will not be let behind—they will provide level 5 hotness!

Iskandalo is director Roman Perez asserting himself as the leading voice behind gritty, edgy urban visual storytelling. This early word is out that Iskandalo will likely set standards on what a new kind of Pinoy series should be. This is one scandal that’s not taboo, ito ang: #ScandalNaHindiBawal

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