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Thursday, November 17, 2011

The 2011 BonPen Festival Experience

11:12:00 AM

We, Filipinos have always been fond of festivals and festivities. It’s our way of celebrating life. It’s our thanksgiving! The richness of surroundings, the abundance of resources, and the natural beauty of a place makes us thankful of what nature provide us.

Quezon is one of the provinces in the southern part of Luzon. It is the last province before the Bicol region. Because of its natural resources, it is one of the provinces that celebrate most festivities.

There’s a portion of Quezon Province that is not greatly known for it that it can offer but because of the perseverance of their local officials they are now making names and celebrating what their land has to offer.

Discover BonPen, or commonly known as the BonPen Festival , has now reached its second celebration through the effort of the people and their local government officials who are eager enough to make things happen. For this year they celebrate this last October 28-29 and the host is the town of Pitogo.

What is BonPen? That’s actually what I have in mind before covering their event and then later on that’s what I always get whenever I share my BonPen Festival experience. So what is BonPen? According to the locals and to our ever reliable and patient tour guide, Majoy, BonPen is the name of the land that comprises of 12 municipalities of the 3rd District of Quezon called Bondoc Peninsula. A place of mountains and a peninsula that’s what is Bondoc Peninsula, abundant with resources from the mountain and from the sea.

Yes I was fortunate enough to be one of the bloggers that got a chance to cover their great event. It’s a new experience for me and an addition to my number of covered events. Another great about this experience is that it is my first time to cover an out of town event. I just hope to get more invites from other provinces.

The experience is interesting because I get a taste and feel of the culture in Quezon Province. Even though it was not that long but maximizing the entire duration did give me new learning and better understanding of the place and the people. The curiosity and the blood of being a historian still flow. Hmmm…..

BonPen Festival not only offers the festivity but the entire culture of the Bondoc Peninsula. Their great beaches that is mostly untouched and still undiscovered by tourist. Their rich historical places and artifacts are also one of the great things to see in BonPen. It is perhaps one of the great means in understanding more of the Philippine History. And of course one of the best parts in every festivity is the cuisines, dishes, and menus that BonPen offers to their visitors and guests.

For this season the BonPen Festival celebrated a lot of activities. The Green Mile which is a simultaneous tree planting that aims to plant thousands of trees in Quezon leaded by their beloved Governor David “Jay Jay” Suarez and was graced by Jun Jun Binay. There were also a fun run themed as Takbo at Padyak BonPen Para sa Kalikasan, Konsiyerto Para sa Kalikasan and Beerfest, a cook-off competition of different cookings schools called Kulinarya BonPen, AgriTrade Fair and the Mr. and Ms. BonPen.

Generally, the BonPen experience was great and it did give me a realization that there are thousands of great things about the Philippines and as a blogger it is my duty to share and let other people know that there’s more to see and to explore. Discover Philippines, discover BonPen!

Note this is only the toppings of the experience, more detailed experiences coming soon.

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