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Wednesday, March 10, 2021

The Movie "Dito at Doon" Revels in an Extraordinary Event of Life

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Fascinating stories are mostly moving because of certain aspects of life, stories that touch the hearts and emotions. It fills the void of what the viewers are expecting from a movie or film. This upcoming movie, "Dito at Doon" by Director JP Habac, shows a unique plot, a relatable and timely event in our lives. Yes, the story of "Dito at Doon," based on its synopsis, revels in the extraordinary love story that perhaps will only happen every 100 years.


Sounds intriguing that it will only happen every 100 years. That is probably because of the fact from history that a pandemic usually occurs every centennial. And the fact that the love story, perse, happened at the time of the pandemic. It becomes even more charming because of the story, given the unusual situation.

TBA Studio's boss, Vincent Nebrida announced during the bloggers' conference of "Dito at Doon" that it will be one of the first films to be seen on the big screen after a year this coming March 17! Aside from this news, the said film will also be streaming on March 31 via and

If you have seen the movie "I'm Drunk I Love You," the film "Dito at Doon" will give a new perspective about lockdown romance. Stars of "Dito at Doon" are JC Santos, Janine Gutierrez, Yesh Burce, and Victor Anastacio.


In the film "Dito at Doon," based on Direk JP Habac few bits of info are taken from the premise of what happened to us in the past year, especially at the height of the pandemic lockdown. With mixed emotions, people are vulnerable, like in the case of the characters Len and Caloy.


Being locked inside the houses with nothing to do but with lots of worries and uncertainties, it is hard to be sane. For Len and Caloy, their growing love story is more than a long-distance affair but a struggling romance with so many barriers. So near yet so far because of the quarantine and lockdown plus the decisions and choices they make.


Let us all catch the movie and see what will be the final decision of Len!

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