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Monday, July 17, 2017

Ban of Smoking in All Public Places, Executive Order 26

12:11:00 AM

It seems that places where smokers can do their thing is becoming smaller and smaller because President Rodrigo Duterte signed the Executive Order No. 26 banning smoking in all public places and prohibiting cigarette consumption by minors. The order was signed May 16 and according to the document the order will take effect 60 days after its publication. So it will probably start by next Saturday.

In this Executive Order No. 26, smoking is already prohibited in enclosed public places and public utility vehicles regardless if they are moving or stationary and is allowed only in designated smoking area. So, meaning there will be a designated smoking area. Thank goodness because all non-smokers would be happy and enjoying the freshness of the air, if it is still fresh.

So under this executive order there are so many "don'ts" that already exists in some of the earlier orders for the wellness of the people who does not enjoy the lingering smell of cigarette smoke. We don't have to get more into details about that but for the benefit of the people who want to know it more you can visit this link to read the whole document.

A few days from now the EO No. 26 will take effect and is required to be followed by everyone under the Philippine Flag. But there's still a question of the extent of government control over the individuals. Not everyone will be policed about their smoking habits, so who or how will this executive order be implemented properly? It seems that there will be a very big whole to fill in with this order.

This will take long before it I truly and fully implemented.

How about you what are your thoughts about Executive Order 26?

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