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Tuesday, April 30, 2024

The Future of Farming

6:56:00 PM

While modern agricultural techniques boost yields for some, there remains a number of Filipino farmers who struggle to keep pace. These experienced hands find themselves falling behind in a market demanding higher production, clinging to familiar yet often inefficient methods passed down through generations.

One farmer from Pampanga, Jayson Garcia, sought to disrupt this prevailing narrative in his family. He knew that he had to chart a new course forward for his farm and innovate to remain competitive within the rapidly evolving landscape of modern agriculture.

Jayson and Juanito proudly showcase a selection of produce at the SM City Clark’s Weekend Market.


“Noon, mahirap ang magtanim,” he recalled their life before joining SM Foundation’s Kabalikat sa Kabuhayan. “Para bang tsambahan, basta pag itinanim mo ‘yan, hintayin mo na lang mamunga. Mas mahirap pa lalo kapag nagkaroon ng kalamidad,” he added. 

SM Foundation’s training program focused on high-value crop cultivation was the breakthrough Garcia needed to revitalize his farming techniques. These included selecting the best seeds and caring for them as well as strategic planting schedules.

Jayson attends the SM City Clark’s Weekend Market to observe best practices and gain insights into new agricultural techniques.


The livelihood program also gave way for him to discover alternative sales channels that enhanced his earning potential while extending fair prices to his customers. The knowledge and confidence he gained led him to expand his farm, and in effect, increased his monthly income to more than Php25,000.

Aside from directly selling his harvests, he is now planting a variety of vegetables–on his farm, including lemongrass, malunggay, and madre de cacao, which he sells online to small businesses that process the produce into other products.

Embracing new techniques

Sharing the same story of hope is another KSK farmer from Pampanga, Juanito Dela Cruz. Despite his age, he actively pursued and adopted modern farming techniques. Building on his current success, he shared the importance of adaptability for farmers, calling for others to try and explore new practices.

From a modest monthly income of Php10,000, Juanito experienced an upsurge in his earnings, notably through participation in the Weekend Market at SM City Clark, yielding around Php30,000 weekly. “Kailangan maging bukas tayo sa makabagong pamamaraan ng pagsasaka para makahabol tayo sa demands ng panahon ngayon—ito ang itinuo sa akin ng SM Foundation-KSK,” he said.

Juanito, alongside his wife, actively participates in the SM City Clark Weekend Market. They credit the market with contributing to their increased profitability.


The SM Group’s KSK program has changed the lives of roughly 30,000 Filipino farmers, including Jayson and Juanito. Through its initiatives, farmers who once lost hope have been able to embrace modern farming techniques, leading to adaptability in the face of the evolving agricultural landscape.

The SM Group, through SM Foundation, remains steadfast in its commitment to spreading social good. This dedication extends to SM’s forthcoming endeavors to be led by its future smart city property development – with focus on enhancing positive social impact in the communities where SM operates. ###

Saturday, August 4, 2012

TOFARM, An Award Giving Body for Pinoy Farmers

10:33:00 PM

Have you been to a Farm? Have you tried working in a Farm? Well, I'm sure lots of the present generation would scratch their heads and wonder what's a farm really looks like. Perhaps most of the present generation have seen farms in online games like Farmville, in which at least helped in informing the young ones of how Farms works. In my part, though born and raised in a city life, I get to experienced living in the province with my grandparents. Getting your hands and feet dirty when farming.

A few weeks ago my correspondent Jefferson Montas was able to attend and witness the media launch of TOFARM, it is the search for THE OUTSTANDING FARMERS of the Philippines. An award giving body that recognizes the hard work of Filipino farmers, men and women. Today's farmers or the modern farmers includes those in the agri-business, fisher folk, animal raisers, co-ops, farm communities, scientists, the academe, Gus, both urban and rural.

Junior Chamber International, Philippines and Universal Harvester, Inc. joins together in a dream of reviving the glory of Philippine agriculture by promoting farming as noble, lucrative profession, especially for the youth. This is because the agricultural sector plays the most crucial part in our survival as a people.

According to them, most of today's generation are no longer interested in tilling their fathers land and they prefer to pursue city jobs or become doctors, lawyers and engineers. Just like our National hero Jose Rizal said, not all can be doctors. Some will have to stay and cultivate the land. That is why the JCI and Universal Harvester's mission and vision is to make agriculture attractive for the next generations and for the entire country once again. And for a long term goal JCI and Universal Harvester, Inc. wants the Philippines to excel in farming, to be competitive on the world stage, to produce more so that we can feed our own and not to rely on importing crops and produce.

According to TOFARM Project Chairman Rommel Cunanan they will give out 11 awards for this year, six for the individual category and five for the group category. They'll be looking for the awardee from Farmer, Fisherfolk, Livestock, Agri-Entrepreneur, young Farmer, Agricultural Innovator and Urban/City Farmer for the individual category while on the group category will be from Agriculture Cooperative, Family Farmer, Local Government unit, Agricuture Initiatives and People's Choice.

The nomination period for Outstanding Farmer candidates begins August 1 and will end on September 30. Validation and Judging of nominees will take place in October and November, while the Awarding takes place in December.

Nominations may be submitted as hard copy or sent online to Nomination forms may be downloaded from the website.

For more information, call the TOFARM Hotline 709-5001 to 54, fax 709-5006 or email

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