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Sunday, February 28, 2021

A More and Better Shopping Experience with Go Shopping Philippines

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Right before the COVID-19, the landscape of online shopping has begun its shift. People started having an interest in what online shopping can offer and find it even more convenient. But when the pandemic strikes, everything has changed the simple disruption became even more disruptive because of the situation. Everyone took the change and adapted. A simple trip to the mall turns into a finger flick on devices.

Stores and businesses started moving their stores online. A drastic change has made internet cable lines be the highway to reach the stores. Of course, these businesses have to cope up and find new means of transacting. Many of these businesses took the situation as an opportunity. It has somehow changed the way now, Filipinos shop or make purchases.

But we all know that everything has its pros and cons and purely shopping online has its share of problems, like fake items, miscommunication on product specifications, late deliveries, and worse, getting a product not specified by the buyer.

With this, the birth of an online store. A store that will cater to address most of the issues of online shopping. Go Shopping Philippines is here to address the specific demands of the customers. The scenarios struck a chord on Neil La-as, Chief Executive Officer of Go Shopping Philippines, so he decided to establish a shopping platform that will make every Filipino's shopping experience truly exceptional and satisfying.

"When I came up with the Go Shopping Philippines concept, it was based from my own experiences. We all share the same sentiment of receiving substandard and fake items, late deliveries, customer service that takes forever to bounce back, and being duped, only to receive items we didn't expect when we shopped on other platforms. All these frustrations gave me the inspiration to help fix the e-commerce landscape. Seeing the immediate need for contactless purchases, most especially from the blunder of 2020, I sought to come up with a solution to serve my fellow Filipinos," according to Niel La-as. 


Go Shopping Philippines is a homegrown Filipino e-commerce platform that serves Filipinos the way they want to be served and more.

"I envisioned a fully digital mall, a fully virtual shopping platform where one can experience all the perks of a physical mall that is within reach with a few simple clicks to buy that favorite blouse, or swipe and you are brought to the cinema, scroll and you can reserve at your preferred restaurant and hotel, press and you can reach your doctor for an appointment, all without falling in line, As many as the combinations your hands can make, the possibilities are endless," La-as said.

According to Mr. La-as, Go Shopping Philippines is not just any ordinary e-commerce platform but a completely one-stop-shop for consumers. He said that the merchants are the ones in charge of product development, while Go Shopping Philippines, aside from the selling part, does the marketing, shipment, and interaction with clients.

The service and interactions within Go Shopping Philippines are done in real-time and personal with our virtual sales representatives. Queries are entertained, and they will be assisted just like in a regular mall.

Mr. La-as mentioned that just like any physical mall, security and safety are a top concern, and they took every possible step to ensure that transactions inside the Go Shopping Philippines sphere are done and concluded safely and securely.

He also emphasized that succeeding in the digital world is about having the proper cybersecurity measures in place to protect consumers, the Go-Shoppers, tenants, employees, and the business itself from constant threats. This is the reason why, Mr. La-as pointed out, that they partnered and collaborated with one of the best in web development, researched on everything to know about consumer behavior, and identifying what works concerning cybersecurity while ensuring excellent user experience. 


In Go Shopping Philippines, he adds that the public can forget about the fakes because they scrutinize the brands and the legitimacy of their products.

Also, Mr. La-as said they encourage businesses from the Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) sector to join them. "The MSMEs are the lifeblood of the Philippine economy in terms of GDP and employment. They are among the hardest-hit sectors by the pandemic so we need to help them also for their survival. While we value the presence of large brands, we also welcome MSMEs with open arms. After all, what is an original Filipino e-commerce platform without original local products," he continued.

With the Go Shopping Philippines launched and introduced to the public, they will transcend geographical borders so that every Filipino, wherever they may be, can shop with ease, comfort, and safety. "You can shop in Manila, the US, and back to Mindanao without having to leave your home, where you are safe and secure. Imagine those fond malling memories you have had before, only much easier, with no traffic, long lines, for a totally worry-free shopping you can only experience with us."

Check Go Shopping Philippines details on IG, Twitter, and FB - Go Shopping Philippines | Facebook

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