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Saturday, March 12, 2022

Vivamax, Platform for the Pandemic Beauties

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In every calamity, problem, or event happening, Filipinos find ways to turn it into opportunities. If the pandemic has made us lose a lot of things, the pandemic has also taught us to be more resilient and adaptive.

The pandemic brought the best in everyone, for the entertainment industry, from the artists to production companies, they all strive through and find ways to work out things. Their creative juices were squeezed into a glass jar and brought new concepts in film making.

Viva is one of the film companies that expanded its horizon and adapted today's technology as their main platform in bringing the entertainment of movies from cinema to viewers' comfort, whether in houses or outdoor. Thus, the creation of Vivamax!

Vivamax became the platform where Viva Films can showcase their creative and entertaining films in the movie industry. In this pandemic, Vivamax became the cinema houses of every mobile phone owner or work-from-home individual.

Comedy, drama, action, thriller, or sexy movies, Vivamax has it. What's more interesting is that the film company created more movies during the pandemic for its patron viewers.

Sexy stars were given more attention. Remember the Viva hot babes? Well, Viva brought in more into their lineup of hot babes. Not sure if they have coined it already, but let's probably call them the Pandemic Beauties. These beauties that I know are Sunshine Giumary, AJ Raval, Rhen Escano, Cindy Miranda, and their latest star Ayanna Misola.

From one film to another, Viva Films gave and are still giving their actors and actresses the break they need, from the pandemic and in their careers.

From pandemic to opportunities, that's resiliency in the movie industry.

Watch movies of these Pandemic Beauties on Vivamax!

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