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Wednesday, June 9, 2021

Platinum Karaoke KS-1 Brings Music to Your Homes through Shopee

7:42:00 PM

Pinoy occasions would not be complete without singing, whether it's a big gathering or a small get-together, as long as there's food and story. I think every family has a karaoke set or an easy-to-reach neighbor with a karaoke rental. When it's all set, the singing goes on till the next day, but for now, let us keep the celebration in the comfort of our houses and follow health protocols.

So, what kind of karaoke unit do you have in your house? Well, we don't have any of the big and complicated ones where the voices and music jive compatibly together, or the unit that booms its base up to the next street, but what we only have is the small ones or the wired ones that are great for ballads and cute little birit.

The Platinum Karaoke with brand model KS-1 is perfect for intimate gatherings with family and a group of friends. It is one of the most affordable units that Platinum offers to its clientele. Giving a long list of 11,000 songs to choose from and enjoy, The Platinum is one of the best brands that offers good leisure to enjoy music and sound.

Aside from its affordability and its extensive library of OPM and English Songs, The KS-1 model of Platinum is full of extra features like the Platinum Link App that enables you to browse, select, reserve songs and view the lyrics using your smartphone. Also, the smartphone can be your karaoke monitor and sing anytime, anywhere.

If you still don't have one with you, then Shopee is the place to get your very first Platinum Karaoke. What's more interesting is that the KS-1 model is in a sale. So start to bring music to your life. 

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