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Friday, March 29, 2019

5 Reasons Why Cristine Reyes Fits the Character of Maria

11:22:00 PM

If you have seen the movie Maria starring Cristine Reyes, well, good for you, but if you don't like brutality, blood and action stop reading and stick with what you know of Cristine Reyes.

So, why does the movie Maria a very kickass movie to watch? Well, I was able to conceptualize five (5) interesting facts why Cristine Reyes is the best fit for the character of both Lily and Maria. You'll definitely see a different Cristine in this film. She'll be a new lead female action star in an action movie genre.

  • 1. Cristine's beauty can portray an innocent look when needed just like the character of Maria. The sweet, innocent and angelic face is just the right look for the quiet and family-centered Maria. 
  • 2. Fierce look when in rage. From innocent to fierce, this is one of the traits of people with the face shape like Cristine. She can be angelic for good characters and can be fierce for antagonists or angry lead roles. 
  • 3. Her athletic sexy body sure did look good for a female protagonists. Just like the usual portrayal of every hero or lead character, the slender, athletic and sexy body add ups to being a kickass kicker. 
  • 4. Cristine's background in Jiu Jitsu makes her the right actress to portray the badass character of Lily/Maria. The fight scenes are just as fluid as if it is real. No hesitation on the movements and use of armaments.
  • 5. Being a wife and a mother adds up to what should the character of Maria should be portrayed. A more convincing portrayal. Besides there's also a part of some kind of release.

So if you're into action this is a film that you'll be wanting to watch over and over again. Interesting plot, great cinematography, engaging fight scenes, and convincing portrayal.

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