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Saturday, May 26, 2018

5 Lessons From Janella Salvador and Jameson Blake's Movie SO CONNECTED

12:06:00 PM

So Connected! Are you?

Me, I'm still connected with the craze and interesting run of story.

Just a few days ago I was able to find myself in this  red carpet premiere of the movie SO CONNECTED together with a number of celebrities and the best part is seeing the love team of Janella Salvador and Jameson Blake together with such a chemistry.

I'm pretty sure most of the fans have already watched the movie and still sharing what they have experienced. I don't want to be a spoiler for those who have not seen the movie so I'll just be sharing the lessons I have learned and you will also learn from this movie SO CONNECTED.

As mentioned the movie is starred by JANELLA SALVADOR and JAMESON BLAKE of which really played their part really well. It is directed by JASON PAUL LAXAMANA.

So, here are five (5) lessons that I can share.

  • Buy gadgets or items from legit persons or stores.
When buying your gadgets or devices makes sure to deal only with the proper stores or from friends you really trust. Because buying from someone you don't know might be a stolen gadgets or something else. Who knows what you might end up to. 
  • Trust only if you're truly ready to take the risk.
Life is a gamble, so if you're not into loosing try not gamble. Perhaps the movie made it clear that in love it is always a gamble. You don't have any idea what's happening on the other end of the relationship. So take the risk when you're ready. 
  • If you love someone you got to let he/she go.
The most true and common phrase when it comes to letting go of love "if you love someone you got to learn to let them go". I don't suggest that you would expect something in return but what I can share about this and of course based on the movie SO CONNECTED, it is much easier to move on. In addition you don't have make yourself miserable. 
  • Connect to the real you.
When drowned with the relationship/ feelings there's always the tendency to loose oneself. Making yourself someone else just to prove something, of which is not really good. Connecting to yourself, the real you can give a good mutual relationship. 
  • We live in a society filled with prejudice.
Bullies and judgmental, with today's technology it is much easier to make someone miserable to the point of loosing trust to yourself. Just one video can make your life change for good or for worse but most of the time it ends up on the worse part. So what we can do is be strong and always fight for something that is right even when the world is against you. 
Connecting more to the real world makes it even better and connecting to someone who has changed your life forever is something that we should cherish for the rest of our life.

Addition there's always one Panti Panti in our life that leads to continue life whether animate or inanimate.

So for those who have not watched the movie, get up from your seats, grab your best friends or relatives and head on to the nearest cinema and watch the movie.

Producer : Regal Entertainment Inc.
Genre : RomCom
Our Rate : 9 Popcorn

Friday, July 14, 2017

OPPO Full Support To Sarah Geronimo's Movie, "Finally Found Someone" Premiere

11:17:00 PM

Who wouldn't want to see one of the best love team, most especially in my generation, Sarah Geronimo and John Lloyd Cruz as OPPO made it possible for fans and media people to experience the kilig moments once again. The brand gave its full support to the much awaited big-screen comeback of Sarah Geronimo in this rollercoaster ride of emotions, Finally Found Someone.

Right before the movie and as part of Sarah's 3rd anniversary with OPPO they launched the Exclusive F3 Sarah Limited Edition Smartphone.

Pinoy fans are in for a different roll of emotions as Raffy and April (Sarah) take us through an intertwining of their polar opposite lives- living through a PR crisis with a cutthroat, career-driven over achiever while the other end of the spectrum is an honest, sincere, and idealistic girl who believes in the powers of the heart.
Director Theodore Borobol (Vince and Kath and James) aims to excite fans in this not-so-typical rom-com by showing the versatility of both Sarah and her on-screen partner. The intense tension between the characters will keep the viewers on their feet and waiting in anticipation on whether or not they can see past their differences and have their relationship blossom into something more.

Today, as the country celebrates Finally Found Someone's opening night, Geronimo takes her time to thank OPPO for their continuous support in all her endeavors. In celebration of Geronimo;s third year as Oppo's endorser, the brand officially announced last July 12, 2017 the Sarah Geronimo limited Edition F3 smartphone composed of a special packaging box and Sarah's signature at the back of the phone.
Revolutionizing the #SelfieExpert since the beginning, Geronimo's strong influence as a singer and actor is a testament of OPPO's presence in the Philippines. The OPPO F3 Sarah Geronimo limited Edition is a gorgeous black OPPO F3 with the actress' signature at the back. The packaging is also in a premium box with standard charger, headphones, soft cover and pre-installed screen protector.

During the premiere, selected fans who have pre-ordered the unit have also been given the chance to grace the opening night. Media Attendees have also experienced the OPPO F3 Sarah Geronimo Limited Edition Unit before the movie began.
So, fall in love once more with the inimitable tandem bought to life by Sarah Geronimo all over gain in Finally Found Someone, which hits cinemas nationwide starting July 26.

Here are some of the videos during the premiere night of Finally Found Someone;

A big THANK YOU to OPPO in giving us the opportunity to watch the movie.  Thank you also for the Wireless Sport Earphone and the Power bank, you Guys really know what Bloggers do need the most. Happy to know that Sarah still endorsing OPPO, she really is the perfect endorser for OPPO smartphone.

The OPPO F3 Sarah Geronimo Limited Edition smartphone is available via Lazada, for PhP15,990.00

For more details about the OPPO F3, please visit or log on to

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