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Saturday, April 13, 2019

Product Review : Pholigo Prebiotics

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Stomach, perhaps we can say that it is one of the busiest part of the body and for an average individual like me who doesn't know much about medicine is that it is one of the most important organs of the body that distribute nutrients. Compared to a car it is probably the gas tank. It size depends on the body built.

With the abundance of different food markets, food trucks, and restaurants, it is easy to get something to eat. This only means that our stomach gets too busy digesting. Without any help of fiber and the good bacteria, the stomach becomes congested with food residues and bad bacterias causing us stomach problems, worst we get hospitalized or more serious health problem.

It is just right to have some good bacterias or prebiotics that can help our stomach. One of which is PhOligo, not well known yet but is getting some interesting outcomes from its users. So, yours truly were given a chance to try and see the effects of Pholigo Probiotics. Here are what we recieved to test and try the product, two packs of Pholigo Prebiotic, by the way this prebiotic is in powder form so it is convenient to carry around and have it anytime and anywhere but some preferred to have it by night, that's to avoid any hassle with the effect. For me, well I did try anytime, morning, afternoon and night time.

Directions in taking PhOligo Prebiotic is very simple and easy. Since it is in powder form and packed in a sinhle sachet there will not be any ptoblem preparing. One box of PhOligo is packed with 7 sachets, so you can have it in a week. One sachet is just enough for a day and you can have it in a glass of water or any if your drinks, be it warm or cold.

Here are my observations on the effects of the product to me.

  • My first two days does show any noticeable changes bu on the thurd and fourth, I noticed that there's changes in my vowel movement.
  • I noticed that I'm frequently farting.
  • It's much easier to go number 2.
  • I noticed that the end product (stool) is lighter and floats in the bowl. Only shows that my stomach really absorbs the nutrients from the food I take.

A little intake of food supplements wouldn't mind, especially if it is for the betterment of our body. We should be open to health solutions. PhOligo is another product that gives prebiotic for our tummies and what's interesting is that it's natural.

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