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Tuesday, May 28, 2019

How Raymond Bagatsing Lands with the Role Manuel Quezon

8:51:00 PM

Being aware of our past gives us an edge in learning from the mistakes of our forefathers. Thus, letting us all take good action and implement right decisions. A more sense of patrotism and knowing how to value our heritage and culture.

Very few people give interest to this very intriguing subject matter, history. To many, it's boring and not interesting but little did they know that there are parts of our history that are interesting enough to know.

Just recently, while the heaven is pouring light rains unto the grounds of Quezon City, I was able to attend a bloggers conference in ABS CBN building. A blogcon about history and one of the early presidents of our country, the Philippines. The bust picture that you see in the Php20 bill.

Raymond Bagatsing, with a little tweak on the hair and little bit of 1900s all white suit makes him the best actor to portray Manuel L. Quezon. During the conference Bagatsing admitted that he was not in his good condition when he audition for the role. Coming from a taping with no sleep at all. Well, in fact he doesn't know that it was an audition but he managed to convince one of the producers that gave him the 90% chance of getting the role. There were plenty of good actors who auditioned according to him but his stand and his way of presenting himself finally gave way to the look-a-like of Manuel L. Quezon.

Watch it on cinemas May 29!

Monday, May 27, 2019

Raymond Bagatsing Nag-audition sa Role Ni President Manuel L. Quezon

9:08:00 AM

This is Kwento Ni Toto's coverage of the Bloggers' Conference fo the movie #QuezonsGame. One of the intriguing and interesting movie about our history, the Philippine History and of the President Manul L. Quezon.

Present during the bloggers' con is one of the very good and convincing actors, Raymond Bagatsing. During the event he accommodated all the inquiries of all the bloggers present. He even shared some things that he did just to get the role. Get to know how him and how he was able to get the role.

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