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Friday, December 18, 2020

SB19 Drops Their Christmas Short Film "Ex-Mas"

7:22:00 PM


Okay just saw the trailer today and this is for sure will be watched by all A'Tin. This brought together by  ShowBT Philippines and its sponsors Yopokki and Montbest, it is SB19's Christmas short film entitled "Ex-Mas”, SB19’s first-ever short film. Ex-Mas premieres today Friday, December 18, on SB19’s Youtube Channel. So check out their YouTube Channel. 

SB19 is surely expected to surprise their fans – A’TIN – with their versatility and acting skills showcased in this short film. The cast alongside SB19, will include lead actress Jenny Yeo, with special appearances by ShowBT Philippines’ content creator, Kristy Cho as well as SB19 Justin’s brother, Yani de Dios.

Kem Sitsongpeenong et al. posing for the camera© Provided by LionhearTV “Ex-Mas”, based on its namesake, is a romantic-comedy holiday film that tackles the subject of past relationships and the nostalgia of looking back on memories during the holiday season. This short film will center on themes of love, reconciliation, acceptance and friendship.

Watch it on SB19’s Youtube Channel.

Saturday, November 23, 2019

CineFilipino Film Festival announces 2019 finalists for Feature Length, Shorts, and Series Categories

10:57:00 AM

We all love to go the movies and watch different kinds of stories. It is great that there are many movies coming out with great relevance, are good, and interesting. The CineFilipino Film Festival, a celebration of Philippine cinema and of young and aspiring Filipino filmmakers, brings that sense of nationalism by having Filipino only entries to this festival and just recently it has officially released the full list of finalists for its Feature Length, Shorts, and Series categories in its 2019 competition.

Check out the names and see if your favorite aspiring directors are in.

Feature-length finalists (from left to right): Jose Javier Reyes the Competition Head, Jopy Arnaldo, Charlson Ong, Sarge Lacuesta, Sue Aspiras, Cristopher Gozum, Christopher Novabos, Steven Evangelio, JP Habac, Rob Hara, Dolly Dulu, Madonna Tarrayo the Festival Director and Guido Zaballero the First Vice President and Head of Marketing of Cignal

For the Feature Length film category, eight finalists were selected from over 100 entries and have each merited a PHP 2,000,000.00 grant, allowing them the amazing opportunity to produce their films and bring their cinematic visions to life. These talented finalists are:

1. Jopy Arnaldo, 27 EXP – A story about a boy who uses a disposable camera to move on from a love lost
2. Charlson Ong and Angelo R. Lacuesta, Cargo – A Tausug fast-boat pilot finds himself involved in a murder, and must choose between escape and surrender
3. Sue Aspiras, Homecoming – A young diwata gets a dazzling homecoming
4. Christopher Gozum, Ilikdem Mo So Matam – A Filipina filmmaker in Seoul, South Korea gets entangled in a forbidden relationship between two other OFWs in the city
5. Steven Paul Evangelio, Maya-maya Paparito Na – A family’s Christmas reunion is ruined by a devastating storm, leaving them with no way out
6. JP Habac, Olsen’s Day – A production assistant goes on a trip with a strange old man and his son who threatens him but at the same time, gives him the answers he seeks
7. Rob Jara, Ouroboros – A coming-of-age vengeance drama about a young man who waits 20 years to avenge his father’s death at the hands of his own mentor
8. Dolly Dulu, The Boy Foretold by the Stars – A gay high school student, driven by a fortuneteller’s predictions, attempts to prove to a boy that they are destined to be together

Shorts finalists (from left to right): Jose Javier Reyes the Competition Head, Dolly Dulu, Noel Tonga, Zsarina Mae Lacumba, Elaiza Rivera, Ronald Dulatre, James Hermoso, Lorys Plaza, Redeen Fajardo, Producer Precious Flores, Madonna Tarrayo the Festival Director, and Guido Zaballero the First Vice President and Head of Marketing of Cignal

For the Shorts category, the nine finalists who rose above dozens of submissions are: Dolly Dulu with 7-Year Itch; Dexter Paul de Jesus with Alex & Aki; Claudia Fernando with Ang Alamat ng Sari-Saring Sari Store; Zsarina P. Lacumba with Ang’gulo (Unclear); Eluigi Macalintal and James Garcia with Delta; Lorys Plaza and James Hermoso with Kita (nalng) Duha; Noel Tonga, Jr. with Memento Mori; Ronald Dulatre and Elaiza Rivera with Tayo (Stand Up); and Reeden Fajardo Quing Lalam Ning Aldo (Under the Sun).

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