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Thursday, January 14, 2021

Confirmed Jojo Mendrez Will Sing the Revival Song of Julie Vega's "Somewhere In My Past"

2:01:00 AM

After a few decades, Julie Vega's debut single "Somewhere In My Past" will finally be revived. If you're one of the 80's generations you'll probably remember that this song was composed by Doc Mon del Rosario and sung by Julie Vega. Remember that the composer, Sir Mon, is very meticulous when it comes to this particular song, and no wonder it took decades before it was given a chance to be sung again by someone else. This time the great passionate voice of the Revival King, Jojo Mendrez, captured the essence that Doc Mon is looking for.

So, what were the criteria considered in picking the singer who will sing this song? One is the quality of voice - one that possesses a high level of competency as a singing artist and the next one, which is a hidden criteria, is the personality of the artist - he or she should be a likable person even outside the song. And it was clear that Jojo Mendrez possesses these criteria. 


The announcement made a noise on social media and everyone gave their congratulatory messages to Jojo Mendrez. So, who is Jojo Mendrez will he is just one of the awardees of the PMPC Star Awards for Music - Best Revival Song of the Year with his rendition of "Handog." 

Remember that just a few weeks ago I published an article about Jojo Mendrez's visit to Julie Vega's grave. It was probably a sign that he is destined to make the revival. The song is expected to be released before Valentine's Day, so they will probably going to start recording one of these days. This will be under Star Image Artists Management and will be released digitally via Spotify, iTunes, Amazon Music, and Deezer.

Congratulations Jojo Mendrez!

Monday, January 4, 2021

Jojo Mendrez Pays Respect to Julie Vega's Grave

1:31:00 AM

There's no heavy downpour of rain that will stop the Revival King, Jojo Mendrez in visiting and paying respect to Julie Vega's grave, which happened on January 3, 2021, at the Loyola Memorial Park. 

Surprising and interesting, does this visit of Jojo Mendrez is an indication that he has been chosen to revive the song "Somewhere in My Past," which was popularized by Julie Vega? Or probably, he simply wanted to visit since, like many, the singer-actress is idolized by the Revival King? Whatever the reason for this visit I'm sure it is very interesting. 

Aside from entertaining some of these questions, it can really be assumed that Jojo was really chosen to sing the famous song of the '80s. The visit could also be indicative of gratefulness to the singer-actress, or out of respect to the 80's famous teen star, to ask blessings of permission to revive her beautiful song. 

Only Jojo knows the real score, while the creator of the song, Mon del Rosario, has not yet confirmed anything yet, after the auditions for the rebirth of the song. The Revival King still did not elaborate on whether he was given the green light to revive "Somewhere in My Past". 

Take note that there were five (5) names that were shortlisted by Mon del Rosario to do the remake of the song "Somewhere in My Past". It is believed that these names are big names in the recording industry. So, to whoever will sing the song is still a mystery for now. So, how about you? Who do you think will have the voice to revive the song "Somewhere in My Past?"

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