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Friday, January 10, 2020

5 Takeaway Lessons From STARLA

10:39:00 AM

After sixteen (16) weeks of airing from Mondays to Fridays, this cute little star together with the ensemble of casts that brought light and hope to every Kapamilya homes, Starla, will bid their farewell tonight. Though it will end, still, it's way of touching the hearts of many and sparking the light of hope to each one will continue.  

Here are some of the lessons that we can take from the teleserye "Starla".

1) Helping others while expecting nothing in return

Even magical creatures need support too. In the series, kiddie protagonist Buboy (Enzo Pelojero) offered to help Starla (Jana Agoncillo) to grant at least 50 wishes in order for her to become a full-fledged wishing star, even teaching her along the way what constitutes a bad wish and a good wish.

Teresa, at first a self-serving lawyer, has always had a heart for the less fortunate. Even though rich and successful, she takes her pro bono cases just as seriously as her high profile clients, going so far as to firing an arrogant lawyer who neglected one of their poor clients. When she was jailed, Teresa also offered her services to her fellow inmates for free because she dreaded the reality that some of them, especially the innocent ones, got separated from their families.

Buboy promises to help Starla complete her 50 good wishes:
Teresa makes a way to resolve a janitor's case:
Teresa offers to help Azon for her daughter:

2) Revenge is never the answer

Teresa’s deep-seated resentment towards his father Greggy (Joel Torre) and her hometown Barrio Maulap made revenge the fundamental driving force in her life. Blinded by rage, she spent months sabotaging the livelihood, resources, and even safety of the community. After witnessing firsthand how much havoc her plans have caused her neighbors, she made a change of heart that ultimately led her to resign from her company.

Teresa is devastated by Dexter's sabotage with Barrio Maulap:
Teresa stops Dexter's harassment of Barrio Maulap:
Teresa is horrified by what happened to Barrio Maulap:
Teresa stops Robert and Dexter's demolition project:
Teresa resigns from Robert's company:

3) Holding yourself accountable and making up for your mistakes

Mang Greggy stayed in prison for years for defending other people, and consequently lost his wife and daughter. After being paroled, Mang Greggy became a recluse and stopped opening up his life to other people.

But when Teresa came back to his life, he acknowledged his shortcomings as a husband and a father and remained determined to woo Teresa without sacrificing his principles. For her part, Teresa also owned up to everyone about her evil schemes and vowed to defend them and their rights.

Mang Greggy and Teresa remember their heartaches:
Mang Greggy continues to ask Teresa for forgiveness:

4) It’s never too late to ask for and offer forgiveness

In a heartrending scene that moved viewers, Teresa told his father Greggy that she had forgiven him, let go of her pride, and finally sought forgiveness from him.

“You’re just doing your duty to others. Now I understand that the world isn’t fair to everyone. Some people get stepped on and are taken advantage of. I understand that you want to right the wrongs in the world the way you know how,” she tearfully said to her father. By then, Teresa was all for reconciliation and ready to repair their relationship.

Teresa emotionally asks Mang Greggy for forgiveness:

5) Encourage kindness and pay it forward

After Buboy lost his parents, Mang Greggy was the first person to show him empathy. Even when Greggy was grumpy and avoidant of other people, Buboy saw through his adoptive dad’s heart and has always made sure to pay it forward to people in need.

Buboy, with the help of Starla, orchestrated many miracles in Barrio Maulap in order to get it back on its feet, including treating the town’s crops, restoring power to every home, healing a sick mom, or defending a bullied kid.

Buboy is grateful for Mang Greggy's help:
Buboy makes a wish for Starla to help the crops in Barrio Maulap:
Buboy wishes Starla to help Aling Ibeng:
Buboy reprimands Starla for granting a wish against Jepoy:
Buboy's wish for Teresa and Mang Greggy to reconcile finally comes true:

May we take this lessons as we face our lives this new and wonderful year.

Tuesday, January 7, 2020

“STARLA” Grants Five Final Wishes in Last Five Starry Nights

11:51:00 PM

Your fave wishing star will have its farewell soon. Will the heart’s purest wishes prevail over its own selfish desires in “Starla”? Will Starla be successful with her mission and turn into a wishing star? Or will she grant a bad wish and become a black hole?

Follow the final fight for hope, forgiveness, and love for family as Teresa (Judy Ann Santos) and her family scramble to make things right in the primetime program’s last five starry nights starting this Monday (January 6).

Teresa, Mang Greggy (Joel Torre), and Buboy (Enzo Pelojero) face a new challenge as Dexter (Joem Bascon) holds Starla (Jana Agoncillo) captive after having finally confirmed that she is the real reason behind the mysterious and inexplicable miracles in Barrio Maulap, which hindered his previous plans.

Desperate for the baby wishing star to follow his orders, Dexter resorts to blackmailing and cooks up yet another evil scheme as he threatens to endanger Buboy’s and Mang Greggy’s lives.

With just only five wishes left from her initial 50, the baby wishing star has to carefully weigh up the dangerous situation to ensure the safety of her adoptive family on Earth and the whole Barrio Maulap.

Meanwhile, after painfully reflecting on her actions and forgiving her father, a renewed Teresa plans to repent and to confess to the whole town her wrongdoings and original plans of revenge. Will the townspeople be able to forgive or will they now truly turn their backs on her? To what lengths will Teresa go to correct her mistakes?

With Dexter’s evil plans looming over the horizon, will Starla be able to save the town? Will she still become a full-fledged wishing star?

“Starla” written by Dindo Perez, and directed by Onat Diaz, Darnel Villaflor, and Jerome Pobocan, has brightened viewers’ nights nationwide as it imparted lessons and good vibes to kids and the whole family since its premiere last October. As 2020 kicks off, the series continues to remind viewers to carry with them the value of hope, forgiveness, love for family, and helping others for the rest of the year.

Don’t miss “Starla" on ABS-CBN’s Primetime Bida.

Sunday, October 6, 2019

Judy Ann Santos' Plays An Intriguing Role in Her Comeback Teleserye "Starla", Teaches About Love For Family and Forgiveness

6:50:00 PM
When was the last time we saw Judy Ann Santos lead in a teleserye? Well, I'm not sure but what I remember is the "Huwag Ka Lang Mawawala".  So comment if I'm wrong and we will correct this. But so much with her past teleseryes because this year Judy Ann's much-awaited TV comeback is a bit intriguing and because of this time, Judy Ann plays the antagonist, the contrabida.

The much-awaited television comeback of Judy Ann Santos brings another heart-tugging story about hope, love for family, forgiveness, and granting the heart’s deepest wishes in the primetime teleserye “Starla,” which premieres on October 7.

The series follows a father-daughter relationship and a mission to grant people’s wishes – a perfect and timely present for viewers of all ages this Christmas season from Dreamscape Entertainment, which created hit Kapamilya teleseryes filled with values and inspiration such as “May Bukas Pa,” “100 Days to Heaven,” “Honesto,” “Nathaniel,” and “My Dear Heart.”

Joining Juday in “Starla” are Joel Torre, Enzo Pelojero, Jana Agoncillo, Meryl Soriano, Joem Bascon, and Raymart Santiago, with the special participation of Tirso Cruz III and Charo Santos. In “Starla,” Judy Ann is the ruthless Teresa, a successful lawyer who is dedicated to seeking revenge on her despised hometown Baryo Maulap, which she claims is a symbol of her defeat.

Her plans are hindered by her estranged father Greggy (Joel) and his adopted son Buboy (Enzo), after one fateful night, Buboy witnesses a dance of fireflies that is said to bring luck wherever they land. Buboy manages to catch what he thinks is a firefly, named Starla (Jana), who happens to be one of the millions of playful wishing stars from the sky.

Together, Buboy and Starla slowly heal the town by granting wishes, but are fixated on Mang Greggy, whose deepest wish is to reconcile with her now-hostile daughter Teresa.

In truth, Teresa blames her father for abandoning her and the townspeople for not helping her when she and her mother were in dire need—resulting in her mother’s painful demise.

Will Teresa finally get the vengeance that she wants, or does her heart desire something else? Will Buboy and Starla help Greggy and Teresa feel the warmth of home again?

"Starla" is written by Dindo Perez, and directed by Onat Diaz, Darnel Villaflor, and Jerome Pobocan. Its cast members also include Grae Fernandez, Chantal Videla, Janus del Prado, Kathleen Hermosa, Anna Luna, Jordan Herrera, Simon Ibarra, Raikko Matteo, Chunsa Jeung, Myel de Leon, Heaven Peralejo, and many more.

Don’t miss “Starla" on Primetime Bida beginning October 7 (Monday) on ABS-CBN. For updates follow, ABS-CBN PR on Facebook (, Twitter (@abscbnpr), and Instagram (@abscbnpr).

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