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Sunday, March 13, 2022

Sexy Ayanna Misola, Booming, Blooming, and Showing in Vivamax

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One of the Pandemic Beauties of Viva, Ayanna Misola, is booming and blooming in Vivamax with a list of movie projects. Yes, this young and sexy actress' career is booming as she starred in several movie projects under Viva. Some of the movies that she stars are "Pornstar 2: Pangalawang Putok", "Siklo", and "Kinsenas, Katapusan."

Indeed, she's one of the sought sexy actresses in Viva today, with her charming beauty, acting, and sexiness, who'll not fall for that.

Ayanna will be mesmerizing the viewers again with her latest film entitled "L" for the Larawan episode. The film is directed by Topel Lee and joined by the other cast namely, Vince Rillon, Stephanie Raz, Karl Aquino, Acey Aguilar, and many more.

Here are some of the lines Ayanna Misola answered from the querries of the entertainment media.

“ Maganda ang role ko rito, kasi kakaiba ito sa mga previous movies na nagawa ko. Dito ako naging prim and proper.” [My role in this film is interesting, it is different from my previous films. In this film I became prim and proper.] According to Ayanna.

“About naman po sa ipinasilip ko sa movie, mas daring po mga pinagawa ni Direk Topel sa akin dito. Mas gusto niya kasi parang totoo yung romance." [About what I showed in the film, Direk Topel asked me to portray a more daring role. He prefer it a more realistic romance.] added by her.

“So, marami pong masisilip ang viewers sa movie’ng ito, since yung episode namin ang may pinakamahabang love scene, hehehe.” [So, viewers will have more scenes to peek since our episode has the longest love scene, hehehe.]She also wittily added.

Watch Ayanna Misola's movies only in Vivamax!

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