Friday, December 2, 2011

BonPen Festival Experience: Kulinarya

One of the highlights of the BonPen Festival was their culinary activity which was dubbed as Kulinarya BonPen, featuring the meat of the Guinea Fowl (Bengala) and the Goat's meat.  The aim of this culinary event is to showcase other alternative meats for cooking and they have chosen the Bengala and Goat meat which are now commonly raised in the district of the Bondoc Peninsula.  The local government wanted the Bondoc Peninsula to be known also for these meat products and different dishes out of it.

Different culinary schools and agencies participated in this competition.  Of course, they have divided the competition into two categories, one is for the amateurs and the other one is for the professionals.  For both the amateur and the professional they have three members in each team and they have a specific span of time to finish their chosen dishes.  Of course, prizes await for the winners and the prestige to be known as the first champion of the Kulinarya BonPen.  I'm not really sure if the BonPen Festival organizers will sure the winning recipe as the official dish of the BonPen Festival.

Of course, an event would not be complete without a celebrity chef and for this event, they have invited Chef Tristan who we commonly see in commercials endorsing food products.  His quite more appealing in person.  Chef Tristan made a simple cooking demonstration of the goat meat which made most of the ladies go loco.    

Since we, bloggers, are invited they choose five among us to be their judges for the Kulinarya BonPen.  Unfortunately I was not chosen but fortunately because some of the remaining bloggers get a chance to roam around first and get a chance to know some part of the history of the place but of course, we did enjoy first the cooking event.  I did get some great shots of foods as well.  Seeing those dishes makes me crave to taste more of it.  This makes my tummy really full.  They are all mouthwatering! Most of us got our picks and bet of who will win and luckily my bet wins and bagged the first prize.  The dish got a distinct taste and an exquisite plating.  I'm not much of a cook but I can say what my tongue can taste and my eyes can see.  It's like a dish made in some of the great cooking shows.

The winning dish
It's a great experience and hopefully next year I would be invited again and perhaps by that time I get a chance to judge them.

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