Friday, November 30, 2012

What I LIKE and what I want to SHARE this CHRISTMAS

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Every year we've all been expecting for something to have during Christmas.  Whether it is small or big, useful or not, one thing is sure... we love to receive gifts from people that we love.  But of course we shouldn't forget the center of this season, Christ.  I want Christ to be my priority LIKE for this coming holiday that's why I'll be having this holiday themed as "CHRIST-MUST".  A must have before anything else.   Then GOOD HEALTH for our family and FINANCIAL FREEDOM.

Of course I do longed for so tangible things which we don't have right now and I LIKE to have it to help me develop more in what I do.  I want to learn more from this craft that I'm with right now so what I LIKE to have this Christmas are...

First... a DESKTOP COMPUTER with high specs that I can use in creating more graphic designs and to further learn more perhaps video or film making.


Second... a DSLR CAMERA that I can use to capture great moments and beautiful images to delight others and perhaps the world.

Third... a LAPTOP / TABLET either one of this will do but if I could get two one will help me more in doing mobile blogging. An on time coverage of events and moments.

Lastly... of course communication is a must with so much good features and mobility so perhaps an iPHONE 5.

If there are generous heart who would love to share their blessings hope you can extend it with us. I'll be praying more for this all.

The cycle doesn't stop in receiving, we should also give and SHARE. So what I want to SHARE is what I have... my TALENTS, my KNOWLEDGE, and BLESSINGS that comes to my family.

TALENTS, since I know a little painting and drawing, perhaps a session with less fortunate kids is a good start. KNOWLEDGE comes with it as well and SHARING it will give them inspiration to do the same. BLESSINGS and gifts from God are meant to be SHARED to others to complete the cycle of GIVING and RECEIVING.

So this coming CHRIST-MUST let us all be thankful to what we receive and share what we have. Marry Christmas and an advance Happy New Year.

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