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Tuesday, February 18, 2020

My Thoughts About Congressman Joey Salceda's "The Rural Agricultural and Fisheries Financing Enhancement System Act"

1:17:00 AM

My thoughts about Congressman Joey Salceda's "The Rural Agricultural and Fisheries Financing Enhancement System Act" started, realizing that I once lived with my grandparents during my childhood days, this gives me the privilege to experience and witness being in farm fields, and understand the rigorous process of farming. We may find it easy seeing it in our Farmville games, but it doesn't work as easy as that. It takes weeks of preparation before planting and much more days taking care before harvesting, and even before milling into the rice that we eat.

I even found myself once, immersed into a family of fishermen, it gives me a much bigger view and understanding of how fisherfolks breathe their lives and sweat day and night for their livelihood.

After having an evening of idea-sharing with the good Congressman Joey Salceda, his authored bills are impressive, and I believe it is what this country needs to govern it wisely. A reform or enhancement in the existing laws.

Most of my relatives and poster families are farmers and fishermen, even though the surroundings are naturally abundant still, they do need help or assistance in making those products reach the market. Finances are just one of the many problems they encounter that plays a huge factor in making that dream of growing their business - farming and fishing.

So, what does "The Rural Agricultural and Fisheries Financing Enhancement System Act" will do to these folks? The act is actually a component of the banking reforms the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas requested of Congress as part of its strategy to achieve the A-level credit rating for the country. It is to ensure that the banking services are accessible to farmers, however, Salceda has introduced enhancements to the proposal so that banks could also support missionary financial inclusion projects in rural communities.

Under the Salceda proposal, lending to programs or projects that seek to make financial services like virtual banking available at little or no cost to farmers can be considered in assessing a bank’s compliance with the Agri-Agra Reform Law. “Agri-Agra requires banks to lend a certain portion of their portfolio to farmers and fisherfolk. Of course, it has not worked to the fullest because farmers aren’t banked in the first place. High-risk ang farmers for conventional banks. Bukod diyan, malayo ang bangko sa bukid. Marami pang requirements kaya magpapabalik-balik ka. Siyempre, ‘yung iba, sa malapit na five-six na lang hihiram.” Salceda said.

This is what I think, one of the common problems of our farmers and fishermen is getting financial assistance through loans, that sometimes end-up asking from third-party players. Making the land wealthy farmers bankrupt because of the piled unpaid loans. Forcing them to sell their lands.

Another problem is the hassle of opening an account in the banks. We all know that most of our farmers and fisherfolks don't have much documentation which is required by the banks.

“Fortunately, we no longer have to do physical banking because of virtual applications that allow you to open a bank account in your cellphone and borrow from a BSP-registered bank. And because virtual banks operate at lower costs, mas mura ang loans na kayang ibigay. Virtual banking will grow even more accessible when my Virtual Banking Act is passed. Once that happens, my amendments to Agri-Agra will also help ensure that even farmers from remote communities can be included in the banking and lending system. Basta may signal – so let’s also pass the Public Service Act amendments.” Salceda added.

“The bills I have been filing are all interconnected. Social infrastructure, financial inclusion, and protections, improvements in the business environment – all of them are part of a vision that foresees the country’s emergence as a predominantly middle-class society, yung pati farmer negosyante. These Agri-Agra amendments are crucial, especially the provision on financial inclusion for rural communities.” Salceda explained.

Congressman Salceda is right, all of the bills that he authored are interconnected to each other and are needed by the country. In my opinion, probably you may or you may not agree, the last piece of that connection are the people. No matter how great the idea is if the people aren't open enough and ready to accept the changes they will just shrug it off.

Friday, November 30, 2012

What I LIKE and what I want to SHARE this CHRISTMAS

11:39:00 AM
image form

Every year we've all been expecting for something to have during Christmas.  Whether it is small or big, useful or not, one thing is sure... we love to receive gifts from people that we love.  But of course we shouldn't forget the center of this season, Christ.  I want Christ to be my priority LIKE for this coming holiday that's why I'll be having this holiday themed as "CHRIST-MUST".  A must have before anything else.   Then GOOD HEALTH for our family and FINANCIAL FREEDOM.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

In Depth Thoughts About The Lorax

11:53:00 AM

Why would Dr. Seuss write something about the environment and why have it in less comprehensive audience? As for my understanding during Dr. Seuss time it is very hard to go up against with big names and big companies. People standing up to their believes are being suppressed by powerful tyrants. They would not listen to any thoughts about the environment and the effects of what they are doing. Perhaps that's one of the reason why Dr. Seuss made it into a children's book. Also I think he got the idea that if you want to change the world start with the kids and children's books are one of the most powerful influencer. Kids read books whether it is in school or at home.

Not really sure if he had read Jose Rizal's writings but the idea of teaching the young ones the importance of the environment and letting them picture what will happen is somewhat similar to Jose Rizal's famous quote “the youth of today is the hope of tomorrow” (not exactly as it is but the thought is close enough).

The story of The Lorax does not only talks about the environment but it does show ideas of the economy as well and how filthy rich people takes advantage of different situation. In other words greediness comes in, moral issue is much more likely. Being opportunistic is not bad but grabbing the opportunity in the expense of others is not a good call of success.

Remember the story of a young girl who stands and talks about the environment in front of the representatives in the United Nations (not sure if it is a conference or a summit)conference? Yes, she made the whole world listen to what she have said and perhaps that was the start of the change. Just like the quote in Dr. Seuss The Lorax “unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better. It's not.” It is indeed that unless there's one person that will make a small act, not only for the environment but also for the next generation to come, things will for sure change and it's for the better.

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Thoughts About the Impeachment Trial

11:38:00 PM
Next week there will be another Impeachment Trial.  Most of the people, whether they are government officials, senators, congressmen, staff, contractual, casual or government employees, are all preparing for this trial.  For now it is one of the top news being reported on every TV News Station and the entire nation will for sure get their eyes tied on this.

Now, what are my thoughts about this impeachment trial?

For a low middle class contractual employee who always get his paycheck less tax, this is my thoughts about not only the impeachment trials but as well as all cases of government officials who did not do well on serving the nation.

For every impeachment trials that our government went through there are things that are neglected and taken for granted.  This is to give emphasis on the tax portion.  Well at first, workers who work on government, companies and other establishments, income tax are already omitted on the income of the employee and straight to the revenue of the government.  I'm not really much of an economic topic person but as far as I know revenues collected by the bureau are put into a fund that will be used by the government in providing infrastructures, education, and other services for the people.  Aside from this, the salaries and wages of all government workers (whether it is high ranking officials or rank and files) are also taken from that fund.   So meaning all who works on the impeachment trials are paid accordingly and not only that but also the supplies that are used or will be used are considered expenses already.  If you're with this do the math and compute how many millions are being used in every impeachment trial.  Also, think more of how much it will cost if the trial went on for more than three months perhaps.

 Imagine how many millions more are supposed to be used for much more important developments for the country and for the people. 

For the official in question or anyone who's in question we should adapt how Japanese value their honor.  It's more of the term "delicadeza" for us Filipinos.

This is my idea and observation.  Employees like us pay the taxes for the impeachment trial.  If every term of service there will be an impeachment trial I don't know what will be the accomplishment of the government after every term of service.  Perhaps this country will be called THE IMPEACHMENT COUNTRY!

I don't know much about the in and out of politics and economics.  This is just an observation of a low middle class citizen.

How about you what do you think of this present situation of the country?

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