Monday, June 3, 2013

Swish Bad Breath Away With the Handy Swish Breath Spray

A man is confident enough when he knows he can talks his way to a woman's heart freely without the thought of having a bad breath.  Not only through this but even when having conversation or closing deals can help gain more confidence in presenting what you are proposing.  Well, that's what Swish is made for, making your way throughout the day without the thought of this horrible bad breath and to prove that, Unilab's daughter company Innovitelle, Inc. through one of our blogger friends sent a pack full of Swish products for a Dad and blogger like me to see and test it personally.

Inside the package are the following: Two (2) Swish Breath Spray (Arctic Chill and Peppermint Fresh), two (2) Mouthwash 60 ml (Arctic Chill and Peppermint Fresh), and two (2) Big Mouthwash with 250 ml (Mangosteen Mint and Cinnamon Blast).  Quite a pack for family guy like me.  Hehehe.  This will last for a long time.

According to different dentists that I have talked with (of course that includes my Godmother who is a dentist) there are few reasons why bad breath hits us and I list it down to help us know it even better and perhaps avoid some of it.

  • Plenty of bacteria present in our mouth.
  • We ate smelly dishes that is unbearable like garlic, anchovies, and the likes.
  • Cavities are eating up the teeth decaying teeth.
  • Sometimes stress can also produce bad breath.
  • And lastly we simply forgot to take a brush.  
Okay now that we know it.  The best way to fight bad breaths are brushing your teeth and cleaning with a mouthwash.  I have used quite a number of mouthwash already and most of them stings really hard that sometimes you need to dilute it with more water to tone down the sting but of course your also toning down the capacity of the mouthwash to fight with the bacteria.  

With few days of having the Swish Breath Spray in my pocket and having the Mouthwash in morning makes me realize even more that fighting bacteria and keeping the breath fresh doesn't have to be harsh.  What's more interesting about Swish is that it last longer than the other products that I've used.  I don't have to worry coming home at night and kissing my wife.

If you're into a budget mode and you're always on the go better grab one of the Swish Breath Spray which is only Php105.00 (SRP)  that can last up 100 sprays and all you need is just 2 pumps to keep you fresh.  

Swish products are available in all leading supermarkets, drugstores, and convenient stores nationwide.  Visit their Facebook Page Swish Mouthwash for more information.  

Don't forget to go to your DENTIST! 

Disclaimer: I'm not compensated for this post.  I was free products for review purposes only.  Views and opinions are 100% mine.  

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