Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Binoy Henyo, Kalma Lang! #BinoyHenyoArtistCenterBlogCon

Teleseryes are Pinoy's way of unwinding and keeping that dreadful stress off.  Here at Kwento Ni Toto we try to bring the experiences to our readers, as if they were there also enjoying that talk of their favorite stars.  As much as possible we bring them together with the stars through this blog Kwento Ni Toto.

For this specific experience we are jumping to another favorite station of the masses, the GMA 7 and gladly yours truly was invited to one of their blog conference.  The Binoy Henyo BlogCon.  This teleserye is already in mid of their climax and the story is also been seen by most of the televiewers of GMA 7.   So for those who don't have any much of an idea about "BINOY HENYO" here's a short description, it is about the story of a mother and son that teaches parents to raise their kids to be the best they can be highlighting the importance of a strong parental involvement in the child's learning and development.

Binoy who is a Henyo (smart) is played by David Remo, a 6 year old kid who got very great potential to be a good child actor.  At his age few child actor matches his wittiness, cleverness, and "biboness".   Playing as the role of Agnes, the mother, is Sheena Halili who shared that shared that playing a role of a mother is one of the biggest challenge for her.  She even disclosed that she was really blessed to have a mom who guides her all along.  Her portrayal as Agnes let her see the sacrifices of all the mothers just for the sake of their children.

Rich Asuncion who plays the role of a strict teacher of Binoy is really happy with her role and her inspirations are her teachers and professors.  She enjoys kids very much that playing her role as a strict teacher is \hard for her, specially knowing the the little kids David Remo and Angel Satsumi who are both cute.  Rich Asuncion shared that she adores working with David Remo (Binoy) because he is very charming and smart, she also disclosed that David can delivers his line very well and even though that he was doing something else on the process of memorizing the lines.

Lucho Ayala who plays the role of Luis Alandy's younger brother was there also during the blogcon and shared his thoughts and experiences about the teleserye.  He shared that all the televiewers who are watching can really relate to the story of Binoy Henyo and each individual can find learning and realization through every characters.  He comfortably shares that working with the other cast of Binoy Henyo is great and they are all very kind, "walang nag didiva sa amin" added by Lucho.

David Remo and Angel Satsumi may be still young but they were able to comprehend with the questions that we are throwing at them.  They are totally cute, adorable, witty and smart!  Both of them are like fire and ice both are the opposite.  David is hyper and active while Angel is refined and subtle which makes them both cute together.  As we ended up the blog conference David Remo made his signature expression "Kalma Lang!"

Completing the all-stat cast are Gwen Zamora who plays a vital role as Emily; Frencheska Farr as Sandy, Emily's scheming cousin.

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