Saturday, March 15, 2014

Tummy Satisfaction at Juan Stop Inasal

Kwento Ni Toto's roots are not from Iloilo but also from an Ilonggo speaking province. As most Filipino know the term Toto is an Ilonggo word which means kid and that's where this blog came about. This was mentioned because our recent food escapade roots from Iloilo.

The "inasal" word came from the Hiligaynon which means roasted or grilled and today's generation was very glad because they don't have to visit the Visayan region just to experience the taste of inasal.

Juan Stop Inasal is one of today's restaurant where you can experience the true flavor of inasal. Their place is just located along the street of N. Domingo St. and right before Balete Drive just be sure on the look out for the colorful banderitas on their logo.

Just a brief history with Juan Stop Inasal, according to Stephen Christian Po, one of the owners of Juan Stop Inasal, it started with a conversation with his brother, Emil Po, about the taste of inasal in one of the restaurant's that serves it and they started to conceptualize their own store together with their Aunt, Lourdes Po, which took them a year. They started it with a small grilling station and they offer their version of inasal for take out only. Later on, through the comments and requests of their customers they finally gave in to renovate an abandoned garage area. Made it into a dining area, simple but big place to accommodate quite a number.

One thing is for sure they wanted others to taste and experience authentic inasal on a budget friendly price and of course a tummy-filling experience. That's why during our bloggers' event with them they made sure that we're leaving Juan Stop Inasal with a big burp.

First food on the list was the "Batchoy" the real La Paz "Batchoy", the flavorful soup and noodles in it. Just right to warm the tummies before having the big meal.
Then dishes started pouring like rain on our table, their "Chicken Inasal" which is served in value meal, shows that who ever order one will sure have another cup or cups of rice.  Their secret ingredients sure made it special.

The "Grilled Liempo" and the "Pork BBQ" makes it a tasty alternative for those who doesn't want to have chicken for that day.  They have the salt and pepper only and the sweetened ones.

The "KBL or Kadyos, Baboy at Langka" is just one of the dishes that is not commonly served in restaurants here in Manila.  Kadyos makes me remember my Grandmother because she always cook Kadyos for me when I was a little.  For those who doesn't know Kadyos it is one kind of beans which called Pigeon Pea.
And of course the one that matches with a bottle of beer, their version of "Sizzling Pork Sisig".
Imagine all these foods lining up on the table for each and every blogger to taste, we were really bloated  that night.  Having tasted all of there offering makes me want to come back once in a while with their big serving of "Chicken inasal" together with the "KBL". Good food, good value!

0112 N. Domingo St., Quezon City, Philippines
For delivery or advance order (02) 570-5653
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