Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Kamkam, A Movie that Depicts Social Issues

Another movie time with Kwento Ni Toto but this time it concerns more about social issues that matters.  The film this time is a local film that depicts the reality of life living in a small urban community.   The title of the movie is Kamkam or Greed, it is a movie that symbolizes the corruption of power in the second to the least unit of the society.  The corrupting power of patriarchy lurks in that breeds absolute power that destroys families, relationships and most of all of communities.

The film Kamkam (Greed) revolves around the story of its main character Johnny (portrayed by Allen Dizon) who marries Shane (played by Jackie Rice) for the third time and took her to their house in Sitio Camcam together with his other two wives Salud (played by Jean Garcia) and Evelyn (portrayed by Sunshine Dizon). Johnny is the kingpin in their community and all illegal things happening in that place are under his control.   Johnny became more concern in the community braces for a demolition threat but with an intention of keeping his illegal activities. Until one day, Johnny was found dead which leaves a mystery of who killed him?
Kamkam (Greed) starred by Jean Garcia, Allen Dizon, Sunshine Dizon and Jackie Rice together with other actors Emilio Garcia, Elizabeth Oropesa, Jaime Pebanco, Kerbie Zamora, Joyce Ching, Lucho Ayala, Rita De Guzman Hiro Peralta and introducing Athena Bautista and Zeke Sarmenta.

Here's the Kamkam Official trailer of the movie.

Here's also the official unrated trailer of the movie. 

Get to know the story as the film will be shown on July 9, 2014 in selected theaters nationwide.

Drama/Social Issue
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