Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Happy Wife Happy Life, Talking About Sexual Intimacy Problem – Premature Ejaculation

A happy wife is a happy life! Indeed it is! The more open the communication is, the better the relationship is. The more that couples talk about things easily, especially when talking about sexual intimacy and problems, makes it even better. This is most particularly with premature ejaculation or PE problem.

Given that the couple shares a special bond, there’s no reason to not be comfortable about discussing the like and don’t like about sex. After all, an activity that is meant to be enjoyed, should provide fulfillment for both parties.

With this, Menarini Philippines together with the Philippine Urological Association bold launched its Commit to Control PE Advocacy campaign last year in order to address one of the more pressing issues regarding sexual intimacy which is premature ejaculation.
The campaign aims to make couples comfortably discuss their intimacy concerns with each other without it being the cause of insecurity or dissatisfaction. This may be a petty problem to others but once neglected may sips in that could gravely affect one’s relationship.

This year Menarini Philippines intensify the campaign with their program and talk that is aptly called as Happy Wife Happy Life which was held last January 10 at the Satin Room of the Seda Hotels in BGC. The talk aimed to provide knowledgeable thoughts about what is premature ejaculation is all about and what to do about it. The event was hosted by renowned celebrity columnist RJ Ledesma which took everyone to eagerly participate and listen. Dr. Dennis Serrano talked and shared about the basics of premature ejaculation for better understanding of the condition. He even shared his findings after the survey that bloggers answered, according to Dr. Serrano “bloggers are having sex 10x in a month, bloggers have 20% PE problem and the wives of bloggers are extremely happy and came up with a conclusion that he wanted to be a blogger. But kidding aside Dr. Dennis Serrano made every realized that this is a problem to be addressed through the help and consultation from the right doctors. Moving on out of the physical aspect, Dr. Margarita Homes, sex and relationship guru, also provided an insightful talk concerning “Love and Lust that Last”. And her last slide is just the right words to described the sex word… “Sex is a 3-letter word that needs 4-letter words to convey its true meaning… love, give, lust and last…”

The event ended with the realization that PE exists and needs to be addressed and promoting to Commit to Control PE is one way to resolve that issue.

Campaign : Commit To Control PE “Happy Wife, Happy Life”
Website : www.menariniapac.com
Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/controlPEphilippines

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