Monday, January 19, 2015

Jack ‘n Jill Pretzel Crisps, Level Up Your Everyday Adventure

Jack ‘n Jill Pretzel has been one of the favorite snacks of the 90s kids and a day wouldn’t last without a pack of this on their hands. Take note Toto is just one of those kids who’ve enjoyed it very much but of course things have change and the 90s kids aren’t kids anymore that will play with the chocolatey taste of the good old Jack ‘n Jill Pretzel. So, it’s a level up! Pretzel Crisps is the new thing, the kids before are yuppies and dads now and are in for something new just like this Jack ‘n Jill Pretzel Crisps.

 This new snack form Universal Robina Corporation (URC) puts a spin on the all-time favorite pretzel by making it lighter and crispier, a new form that matches the maturing market. Pretzel Crisps comes in two new and tasty flavors that each pretzel fans will love, it’s the Honey Mustard and the Cheese ‘n Garlic. In which both are addicting to munch while having an adventure of a lifetime.
What’s great about this Jack ‘n Jill Pretzel Crisps is that it’s packed in re-sealable bags which can be enjoyed anytime and anywhere. For a great fun and adventure, Pretzel Crisps cost only Php15 (SRP) which gives you a cheaper way to enjoy more of life’s fun and adventure.

Crunch it now!

Pretzel Crisps
SRP : Php 15.00
Flavor/s : Honey Mustard and Cheese ‘n Garlic
Website :

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