Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Comida Chefs Serves A Different Clash of Flavors

One of the country’s Chefs that we know who uses local ingredients and serves a different clash of flavors, Chef Danny de la Cuesta, opens the door of his newest restaurant at the 2nd Floor of 111-A Kamias Road, Quezon City. Comida Chefs, Plato is the establishment where food lovers and enthusiasts can personally be served with a multi-ethnic dining experience of mixing flavors.

Comida Chefs, Plato is a multi-culti mix of flavors where ingredients and spices collides meeting in crossroads of exploding flavors. Comida Chefs,Plato serves comfort to those who demand new taste, thrills and culinary inventions. There is no limit to what they can go on your burgers. It can be spiked with regional preserves and is served with multi-culti sauces and dips and are shareable food. It is the home of pisco sours and ceviche in other words kinilaw. It is the bet as the next cuisine.

If you’re a health buff you can try their healthier menus featuring “inherently nutritious items” full of fiber, omega-3, vitamins, and antioxidants. There’s no word as to whether they’ll also serve less fat, sodium, or sugar but that’s probably the next attractions. Comida Chefs, Plato brought favorite street dishes and transformed many of these “ethnic” cuisines to become a mainstream flavor where patrons can enjoy them regularly. Comida Chef, Plato is becoming an interesting place to eat and you shouldn’t be left behind checking out this place.

2nd floor 111-A Kamias Rd. Quezon City

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