Thursday, April 9, 2015

Baby's First, Celebrate Precious Moments with New Pampers Baby Dry and Pampers FirstBook

For parents who are having their first babies, first are always precious and parents love to document that firsts. As Pampers, the world's number 1 diaper brand, announced in an event with mommies and daddies the launch of its BEST and DRIEST in 10 years, all-new Pampers Baby Dry in the Philippines which was held in Active Fun at BGC. The event was hosted by Ms. Geli Victor, who is by the way a first time mom, and also they introduced their newest endorser Ms. Andi Manzano-Reyes, who is an expecting mom and according to her during the event that it is her term already and any time soon she'll be giving birth.

The All-New Pampers Baby Dry provides and delivers up to 12 hours of skin dryness that helps babies achieve the complete sleep they need for a morning full of precious firsts moments and healthy development. To prove the dryness of the All-New Pampers Baby Dry, they conducted actual test with the water equivalent to a 12 hour wetness of babies. Together, Ms. Geli Victor and Ms. Andi Manzano-Reyes participated in the test. Still with its Magic Gel, the All-New Pampers Baby Dry really locks in the wetness which shows in the test.

Another test, was the elasticity of the Stretchy Tapes of the All-New Pampers Baby Dry. It really adapts to the baby's shape and movements.
According to Dr. Apple Alfonso babies needs a complete sleep in order to have a full development and Pampers answers that with its 12 hours of dryness.

Aside from the diaper launch, Pampers also unveils a new online application called Pampers First Book, which allows Filipino moms to record their babies' important milestones and share with their family and friends. Filipino Mom, and Dads of course, can log on to to collect, document and share babies' firsts 12 accomplishments.
According to Ms. Jan Ang, Country and Marketing Manager of P&G Distributing (Phils), Inc. “Pampers believes that all babies should have a night of complete sleep with Pampers Baby Dry and a good night's sleep means a happy and healthy development.”

Just like every new day is different, every baby's firsts is unique too. Pampers invites moms to celebrate and share baby's special moments of firsts with loved ones and other moms on Pampers FirstBook, because these precious firsts are signs that baby is growing and developing,” she added.

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  1. I personally used Pampers and loved them when my daughter was in diapers. Everyone knows babies and adults have different skin and sometimes have more sensitive reactions to certain things over others. That doesn't mean its Pampers fault, unless it was happening to an overwhelming amount of babies. So again i will say Pampers is the best Diaper for children's.

  2. These diapers are equipped with a protective layer of baby lotion so that the occurrence of rash, dryness and itching is significantly reduced by a whole extra notch.
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