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Kwento Ni Toto’s After Summer Group Getaway Adventure at Azalea Residences Baguio

Another day, another place and another adventure! Kwento Ni Toto takes you to a place where happiness floats freely in the air. Yes and that’s what we’ve experienced during our three days and two nights Azalea Residences Baguio after summer group getaway. One of the moments that will definitely be cherished.

Truly, I’ve always admired places where cloud kisses the mountain. It gives me the feeling of being free, being natural and coming close to nature. There are quite few of these places in the Philippines and one of these is Baguio City. The altitude gives the place its natural cold weather. Sadly, the cold isn't the cold that I’ve imagined before but good enough to keep me from perspiring.

Of course every adventure starts with preparation and travel, as for me, I have conditioned myself and that is to “expect unexpected things because life is full of surprises”. Yes, no matter how we prepare ourselves there are unforeseen things happens and that’s out of your control. The only things that you can control are yourself and the things that you use. You may plan your activities but always expect the worst things to happen. From the time we set our feet out of our homes, that’s the start of an exciting and thrilling adventure.

If the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry got their Hogwarts Express, our Baguio adventure ride got the Joy Bus. A fast, none stop and on time deluxe ride going to the City of Pines. Of course with the construction of SCTEX and TPLEX ride to the north of the Philippines is much faster. In just four (4) hours we’re already in Baguio City meeting up with the traffic. Yes there were also traffic in this city but at least you’ll get to enjoy the weather and some nice views. Of course all castles in adventures always come with henchmen and wagons and Azalea Hotel and Residences provided their very fine means of transportation with an exquisite, comedic, entertaining and joyful staff, Paul and JC with Ms. Debs and Mitch.

Azalea Residences is like your fortress of comfort, the Helm’s Deep Fortress. No one would ever wonder in that road opening withholds a fortified beauty of comfort at par with the grand hotels in the area. We settled ourselves and felt the soothing comfort of the place. Getting ready for the after summer group getaway adventures that lies ahead of us.

When everyone were ready and all had freshen up, the after summer group getaway adventure in Baguio City started the tease by bringing us to one of the coffee station in town, Hill Station and within the place is a place for book lovers, the Mt. Cloud which caters all types of books authored by local writers. So if you’re a book person who loves to read different kinds of books then this place a must visit in Baguio City. And of course when your tummy starts to make hungry sounds Hills Station is just a walk away.

After the teaser part, the first destination of the night comes. On board the Azalea's wagon of comfort we were brought to a place unknown to me and to others. A simple residential area that welcomes people with the establishment name 'Cafe Yagam'. A very nice and cozy place, a place of a typical residence of Baguio City, a fireplace and a chair with no feet makes it even cozier by slouching down and feeling both, the cold weather and the warmth of the fireplace. Personally, I really love the place specially when everyone is gathered with some guitar music.

Since we're there to enjoy the night with some extraordinary dishes and some activity prepared for us, bloggers, by Azalea. We made the night at 'Cafe Yagam' a night to remember as everyone participated in a game that made everyone acquainted with everybody. Meeting other bloggers, especially from other places really adds up to your network of friendship. It's more likely of pact between two clans (lol). The night is cold but the Tapuy keeps us warm. Get to know more of the food on my next post.

The adventure has only begun but will resign for now and hold you hanging. More of the Baguio City after summer group getaway adventure…

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