Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Sustainable Development or Sustainability, An Environmental Management System For Companies - Part 3

Keeping in mind and thoroughly going through the meaning of sustainability in relation to an organization makes the whole process, operations and implementing stands of TGI Fridays easier to look at and understand. The company operates by licensing its products to other companies for better and faster retrieval and ordering of the company's raw material needs. Going through a limited resources from the company's management and operations I was able to analyze and get data concerning their needs and what areas to improve in terms of sustainability.

Global brand needs to set a standard and for a company that is known to most people, accreditation for standardization from third party boost up the quality of the services plus uplifts the status is a must. As for TGI Friday's Restaurant's sustainability matters, ISO 14001 is one of them.

Taken from the online publishing site of the ISO 14000 and according to them the ISO 14001 is the corner stone standard of the ISO 14000 series. So, based on their definition about the ISO 14000 it is an “international standard that specifies requirements for an environmental management system to enable an organization to develop and implement a policy and objectives which take into account legal requirements and other requirements to which the organization subscribes, and information about significant environmental aspects.” Thus, this is a standard that is enforced and describes a specific requirements for an EMS or the basis in creating an environmental management system that is needed by the company in accordance with the laws and regulations created by the legislative or the governing bodies in order to comply with the terms created by different nations specifically during the UN AGENDA 21.

Basically there are no specific Environmental Management System template for specific industries and companies but there is a model where different companies and organizations can refer to and act as the base line in creating a company-based Environmental Management System. The PDCA or Plan-Do-Check-Act model, this model is shown in a cyclical motion or a continuous cycle of improvement in which the company is ought to constantly review and revise their system.

Presenting herewith is the version of Environmental Management System for TGI Friday's Restaurant using the PDCA or Plan-Do-Check-Act model scheme. PLAN, wise consumption of raw materials taken from the sources and reduction of waste products. DO, handling the raw materials properly to fully utilize the potential of the material and making use of every present materials as effectively and efficiently as possible. CHECK, making a routinary supervision and spot checking to see if proper handling and implementation are taken into full effect. ACT, instantly set a course of action needed if there's something to be change and corrected instantly.

Just like I mentioned earlier there are legislations and standards that affects businesses and their sustainability and worst even create a bad impression to the company if not met and imposed on the process. The Environmental Liability Directive or the ELD 2004/35/EC is considered as one of the important instruments a business company like TGI Friday's Restaurant should have and since TGI Friday's Restaurant is in UK they are government by the laws and regulations being implemented. This directive was enforced across Europe in 2009 and later on became a law that converts different national guidelines into requirements to mitigate the possible effects of events such as spills, fire and water. These guidelines are called the national Pollution Prevention Guidelines or PPGs and here are some of these guidelines like the UK PPG11, PPG18 and PPG21. Since these guidelines are imposed and implemented failure to comply with these requirements can cause a company fines and various reformations / reinstatement costs.

In my further readings, I came into an account that within the European Union legislation the ISO 14000 was introduced to members encourage them to voluntarily adopt the standard. With the use of the Environmental Management System it is evident that this system helps in auditing the management and operations of the company, specifically TGI Friday's Restaurant. It helps also the company with their sustainable development. In order to check and audit there are certain scheme that can be used to see performance indicators. Under the EMAS or the Eco-Management and Audit Scheme there are six performance indicators: Energy Efficiency, Material Efficiency, Water, Waste, Biodiversity, Emissions. These indicators helps the company in checking their compliance against the imposed legislations and the company-based Environmental Management System.

Company's sustainability differ and that's based on different factors that affects the growth and development goes inside the organization. It helps a lot to have a standard to watch out for as the company made its progress and earns not only for the company for the people inside it as well. If the members of the organization grows so as the entire company or organization and what's good is that everyone is affected.

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