Sunday, July 9, 2017

Pasta Platter of Angel's Pizza, A Good Treat for Everyone

Two or more is already a big number and since our family is just in a mid size, having some few platters is great for our dinner. Most of the time if want to just enjoy eating without the staple food, which is rice, we always manage to find the comfort of pasta. We love pasta and I think our kids get it from me. My wife, who loves to cook, would always find time to prepare pasta dishes but of course there are times that she just wanted to rest. So, there's always a restaurant to turn to. Glad that Angel's Pizza offers a variety of pasta with their Pasta Platter.

Pasta Platter from Angel's Pizza offers three variety of pasta dish; Mac and Cheese Platter, Carbonara Platter and Spaghetti Platter. good for 4 to 5 person per serving.
A week ago, my family was craving for pasta. Yes, and the only branch closest to our place was at Fairview. We were settled to go out for dinner that time but nature got a plan of their own and poured a really heavy rain fall. We couldn't get out. So, we decided to have it delivered. We called the branch and ordered their Pasta Platter plus some pizza and other dish that our kids love.

All the pasta platters comes with their signature bread stick that I like eating together with the pasta. Aside from the pasta that we ordered, pizza is also a good match our my kids love pizza that much.

So, if you want to skip the hassle of cooking, well, there's Angel's Pizza to call to. Just contact them and tell what you want to order and they'll deliver it. Just be sure that there's one that is near to your place. Great for family gatherings and barkada nights.


For more information visit their facebook account Twitter @angelspizza  Instagram @angelspizzaph or log on to

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