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15 Food Selections to Enjoy at Beeffalo

15 isn't always the number for payday but knowing that you'll be having moolah on that day is one great of a number to enjoy. And the thing is that you'll be having money to spend in one of the great restaurants in the metro, Beeffalo.

Yes, just few months ago Beeffalo opened a new branch in a little city of San Juan. The restaurant is constructed in a not so isolated area beside a car wash. Not in a commercial center but is a great place to hang out with friends and families. It's a 50-seater restaurant that is already gaining popularity in the area. "We felt it was time to grow the business and reach out to a wider audience. So many establishments in Marikina have copied us so we want to conquer a new area," General Manager, Louie Abad shared.

Beeffalo or Beeffalo by Hotrocks started entertaining guests in 2013 at an obscure area of Marikina. Far away from the busy thoroughfare and was not easy to find. "It was like dining in the middle of nowhere, that was the magic of the place," according to Beeffalo general manager, Mr. Louie Abad. Still, the restaurant's name manage to reached a lot of customers and through the word of mouth their best-selling ribs and steaks were the talk of the town.

Beeffalo's concept is more of a place to relax and enjoy. "We want it to be a place where families can go to chill, have good food, then extended kwentuhan over coffee and dessert," described by Sir Louie. "We'd like to keep the identity of it being a destination restaurant, a place that encourages people to go out of their way to visit," he added.

So to give you more of the idea about their menu I list down 15 foods and beverage that I've tasted, enjoyed and longed to visit again for another round of great food. This is actually based on their serving.

  • 1. Cucumber Lemonade - Natural and it's great for people wanted to have the good old fruit juices. If you're an avid fan of fruit juices better go with the bottomless drinks. 
  • 2. Nachos - For a start if you're still not in the mood to eat heavy, nachos is one of the best appetizers. With Beeffalo's Nachos they have one dip, aside from the salsa, that I like and I'm sure kids will surely love, their spinach dip. Kids won't noticed that it was a spinach. 

  • 3. Biscuit Pizza: Garlic and Mushroom - I'm a fun of mushrooms and garlics and having them on top of a think crust pizza with sauce and cheese all over, man it tastes yummy. 

  • 4. Biscuit Pizza: Margherita - Just like the garlic and mushroom, this one is also appetizing. The crust is just right for the toppings, complementing each flavor and ingredients.

  • 5. Taco BBQ Salad - I'm not much of a health buff but man I really love salad very much. Mixing the tacos with barbeque sauce and the lettuce is a good pair to have if you're trying to get out of the usual carbs and fatty foods.

  • 6. Broccoli-Cheese Soup - If you hate broccoli then you might want to reconsider because Beeffalo's Broccoli-Cheese Soup is a good way to start the meal. A hot, healthy and flavorful soup to warm up the tummy. 

  • 7. Roasted Pumpkin - If you still don't like broccoli then you might want to stick with the usual pumpkin soup but this one is a bit different because it is roasted.  You'll see that the soup is not the common color of pumpkin soups. 

  • 8. Beeffalo Wings - Their wings is an original buffalo style which comes in Hot or Sweet. You can order spicy or sweet or mix and it comes with a blue cheese dip which makes it even tastier. 

  • 9. Chicken Barbecue - This particular dish is one of their best-seller. Like what Sir Louie mentioned this is an old family recipe, so it only means that this and together with the other dishes comes with a secret herbs and spices that makes it tastier and yummier. Of course a Chicken Barbecue is best paired with a Java rice. 

  • 10. Buttermilk Fired Chicken - This recipe is a commissioned recipe of one of the brands and this made it to one of the leading magazine. This is served with creamy gravy, mashed potato or garlic rice. Take note their mashed potato is out from the scratch which still fills in the true flavor. 

  • 11. Baby Back Ribs Full Rack - Now if you're a fun of baby back ribs this one is just a must have in Beeffalo. Aside from knowing that this is one of their best-sellers, it is also I so far is the most affordable baby back ribs. Soft, yummy and it gets you enjoy the flavor. Of course it is also served in single. Advise get the full rack. 
  • 12. Porterhouse - Meatlovers surely will enjoy the feast as Beeffalo's porterhouse is one meat to enjoy. Cooked just right and served just fine.

  • 13. Grilled Salmon (New Offering) - This yummy fish delight is one to have on your table when you visit Beeffalo. Not yet for serving but better watch out for it. Your good excuse for meats. 

  • 14. Brazo de Mercedes - If sweets are heaven I would definitely love to float around. 
  • 15. Dulce de Leche Cheesecake - Another sinful treat from Beeffalo is their Dulce de Leche Cheesecake.

"All comfort food. We are very particular about what we serve, only those that live up to our personal standards and agree with our palates, but nothing fancy. Beeffalo is not pretentious and our pricing is pretty reasonable," Sir Louie pointed out and as I've checked the pricing with its good food and serving Php350 is fair deal.

The woman behind these exquisite dishes is Sir Louie's wife, Girlie Cosio-Abad. Acts as Beeffalo's executive chef, of which she applied her love for cooking and he enthusiasm in providing the best dish. Together with their friend Caren Diaz who handles finance made a good team in bringing Beeffalo to where it is now.

First branch is located at Blk 6 Lot 3 Gil Fernando Avenue, Sto. Nino, Marikina City with contact numbers +63-2-967-6008 or +63939-113-0772.

Second branch is located at #135 Hoover Street, Addition Hills with contact number +63 2 636-5571. Open Monday to Sunday from 11AM to 10PM.

Facebook :
Instagram : @beeffalobyhotrocks

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