Monday, April 13, 2020

MayWard Not Rushing to A Romantic Relationship Or Going on Separate Ways?

From teens to twenties, we all feel that romantic urge in our life, the feeling of being complete because of the special someone who's very much close to us. The very thought that that person makes every moment of our lives memory a treasure to cherish. Love isn't all about romance, but it also entails responsibility. Just like the Spiderman quote that says, "great power comes with great responsibility," and we can say that love is a power that we all have in our hearts. And I believe that the MayWard love team understands that big responsibility that will come to both of them if they fell into that relationship trap.

That is what they probably felt when most of the people around them are very fond of their closeness together on-screen and off-screen. Most of the fans are expecting, maybe, that both of them will end up together in a relationship. Well, it's not that far to happen.

In an Instagram post of Edward Barber, which is probably a collective effort of the two to bring the news to their fans about their relationship, says that "...we both are still very young, and there is so much more we still want to achieve in our lives...," it is straight to the point, but there's another interpretation about the matter. Take note of the line 'achieve,' which is the usual reason for the past love teams to go on their separate ways. They wanted to grow more of their career paths.

So, whether they'll be moving on with their careers or not, they made it clear they are not rushing about to have a romantic relationship. Let's hope that it won't be another love team to go on separate ways.

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