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Sunday, December 20, 2020

A Time To 'Reese-tart' Your Life with ‘Princess DayaReese’ on 1.1.2021

12:31:00 AM


How long have we been waiting for a new movie from the couple? Well, we've waited long enough and now it is finally coming. The moment that we all have been waiting for has come and that is for year 2020 to end. And this New Year’s Day, 1.1 (January 1), Star Cinema brings a new movie to accompany us as we start the year 2021 right, the movie ‘Princess DayaReese.’

Starring Maymay Entrata and Edward Barber or popularly known as ‘MayWard,’ the film tells the story of Reese (Maymay) who dreams of living like a royalty and opportunity arrives in the form of Princess Ulap (also played by Maymay), a runaway princess from Oro Kingdom who looks exactly like her. 

Switching places for 40 days in exchange of gold, Reese flies to Ulap’s kingdom where she meets Caleb (Edward), a young and determined reporter who is set to find the truth about the kingdom. The road to happily ever after becomes bumpy when the man in search for truth begins to fall in love with the fake princess.

Will a cheater like Reese be able to win the hearts of the people of Oro and ultimately, Caleb’s? Will she be given a chance to restart and find her true self? 

Helmed by Barry Gonzalez, ‘Princess DayaReese’ is a film about new beginnings, new chances, and new learnings. It serves as the reunion film project of Maymay, Edward, and Direk Barry, after the Metro Manila Film Festival 2018 hit entry ‘Fantastica.’

Joining Maymay and Edward in the cast are Miko Penaloza, Big Mac Andaya, Takuhei Kaneko, Gold Azeron, Neil Coleta, Iggy Boy Flores, Alora Sasam, Christine Samson, Chie Filomeno, Pepe Herrera, Epy Quizon, and Rise Artists Studio’s CJ Salonga, with the special participation of Snooky Serna. 

‘Princess DayaReese’ streams worldwide beginning 1.1 (January 1, 2021) on, iWant TFC, TFC IPTV, Cignal pay-per-view, and SKY pay-per-view. As early as now, you may add to cart your tickets for only Php150.00 each.

Monday, April 13, 2020

MayWard Not Rushing to A Romantic Relationship Or Going on Separate Ways?

11:25:00 PM

From teens to twenties, we all feel that romantic urge in our life, the feeling of being complete because of the special someone who's very much close to us. The very thought that that person makes every moment of our lives memory a treasure to cherish. Love isn't all about romance, but it also entails responsibility. Just like the Spiderman quote that says, "great power comes with great responsibility," and we can say that love is a power that we all have in our hearts. And I believe that the MayWard love team understands that big responsibility that will come to both of them if they fell into that relationship trap.

That is what they probably felt when most of the people around them are very fond of their closeness together on-screen and off-screen. Most of the fans are expecting, maybe, that both of them will end up together in a relationship. Well, it's not that far to happen.

In an Instagram post of Edward Barber, which is probably a collective effort of the two to bring the news to their fans about their relationship, says that "...we both are still very young, and there is so much more we still want to achieve in our lives...," it is straight to the point, but there's another interpretation about the matter. Take note of the line 'achieve,' which is the usual reason for the past love teams to go on their separate ways. They wanted to grow more of their career paths.

So, whether they'll be moving on with their careers or not, they made it clear they are not rushing about to have a romantic relationship. Let's hope that it won't be another love team to go on separate ways.

Sunday, July 28, 2019

5 Ways To Say Hello

10:25:00 PM

The first word that we usually initiate when we meet friends, family or relatives. It's a five letter word that greets and make connection. Sometimes it's an ice breaker, a way to tear down that wall between two persons. It's entertaining and sometimes interesting that there are different ways how the word hello is conveyed to each person but there are some that commonly used to establish that link.

Though we differ in culture and means of communication, still, the heart of being human tops everything. So, to give you some few details about saying hello, well, I've listed down my categories and some few different ways of saying hello.

1. The General Hello. Perhaps the best introduction and the easiest way to break silence and start conversation. Commonly an introduction starts with hello and the rest is history.

2. The Sexy Hello. Probably work on different genders. An interesting way of triggering the erotic and sexy side of a person. A way to strike the opposite gender that you're in for something interesting to happen.

3. Angry or irritated Hello. Though it's really rare for people to greet angrily, it still varies on the mood of the one saying hello. Sometimes irritated for some circumstances that might have affected the individual.

4. Concerned Hello. This show both sympathy and empathy, the person saying hello does nit only communicate but also links his or her emotion to the person. Making sure that they are on his back in times of trouble.

5. Shocked or startled Hello. Just like the angry hello, shocked or startled shows surprised about the situation.

The list are just some of the different kinds of hello that we give to people we meet. Often, these are the day to day greetings that we share. In the movie "HELLO, LOVE, GOODBYE", which starts in hello, tells about the story of two Overseas Filipino Worker (OFW) in Hong Kong who bought seeks different reasons why they are working abroad, one is the character of Joy which is played by Kathryn Bernardo, who is a domestic helper who dedicated her life to provide for her family while the character of Ethan is played by Alden Richards who is a guy who relentlessly pursuing Joy.

Their story starts with hello and the rest is for us to discover on July 31!

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