Thursday, May 28, 2020

5 Interesting Facts For Hyun Bin Being Bench's Endorser

After almost two months of being quarantined inside our house, I now have a new rival with my wife's attention. Aside from my kids, this South Korean heartthrob's shows and movies are now part of my wife's schedule. Yes, I'm talking about Hyun Bin, the lead actor of the Korean Drama series "Crash Landing On You" or CLOY. This guy has been the talk of every ladies, not probably all but most of the ladies that I know. His name has popped out on my social media walls before, especially during the peak of the series on Netflix.

The thought that almost all the ladies are head over heels with him will surely pique interest to know more the reasons why. The CLOY series has indeed won the hearts of its viewers because of its lead stars. Mesmerized, hypnotized, stupefied, or whatever you call that situation, the girls (even the boys) are becoming more than just a fan.

Now, and it's because of the hit series CLOY, Hyun Bin will be seen more often on billboards, commercials, and ads. Most probably will be visiting the Philippines soon, for the endorsement of a clothing brand named Bench. But because of the COVID-19 pandemic crises, fan meets, and other gatherings will probably be limited. We will wait and see what will happen next, whether the problem will escalate or gets better. But one thing is for sure he'll be endorsing the brand to the market.

So, here is a short and fair review of why the actor, Hyun Bin, is the right person for the brand.
  • Bench is more relatively known for its serious good look, and Hyun Bin, based on his character in CLOY, represents a clean look of a military officer. Dignified, stern, and confident, that's how Hyun Bin plays the role of Captain Ri Jung Hyuk.
  • Bench only picks the best, and Hyun Bin is one of the best South Korean actors, who happens to be the official Oppa of the Korean drama series CLOY. He has managed to move every human soul who has watched the series.
  • One of Bench models that comes to mind when it is about clean, stern, powerful, and dominating aura, it's none other than Richard Gomez. Yes, I have thought that Hyun Bin is more likely of the same stand since they both have that manly look.
  • Tall and broad shoulders are some of the qualities that are needed to project a quality fashion brand like Bench.
  • Of course, the main feature or the primary requirement for a celebrity to endorse the brand is undeniably being a heartthrob and a hunk. And Hyun Bin has that features.

Of course, these are all my opinion based on Hyun Bin's portrayal of the character that he played. So, if you're a fan, I'm sure you know what I am trying to say here.

According to Bench's post on their Facebook page "Your Crush Landing Soon.", if he'll be trying to crash land here in the Philippines, let us hope that it is already safe and without COVID-19.

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