Sunday, October 18, 2020

3 Exceptional Filmmakers and 3 Best Actors of their Generation All Squeezed in Into this TV Series "I Got You"


Probably one of the best effects of this pandemic is having a creatively thought series for the audience. And speaking of creative, this TV Series "I Got You" is a result of having three great minds in the movie industry, three exceptional filmmakers, three outstanding, award-winning, and immensely talented directors – Dan Villegas, Antoinette Jadaone, and Rod Marmol. Now, if three is a riot then probably you'll find this TV Series interesting to be your Sunday afternoon habit. This the newest offering of Brightlight Productions, CS Studios and Project 8. A light rom-com series that will let your afternoon a great time to have siesta, will air every Sunday, 2pm on TV5 and it is starting today, October 18.

“I Got You” – a weekly series which is also line-produced by CS Studios and Project 8 brings together 3 of the best actors of their generation. Jane Oineza, RK Bagatsing and Beauty Gonzales who are beyond ready to offer to you this mini-series, all the while adjusting to the new taping normal which was quite a challenge for them but have also helped them to make this show a certain success. Guided and directed by Dan Villegas a premiere director known for his works such as Hintayan Ng Langit, Exes Baggage, English Only Please and a lot more has brought to life the story of a Newbie Therapist named Del (Beauty Gonzales) who fell in love with a soldier with PTSD – Louie (RK Bagatsing) and together rides a rollercoaster of romance and heartaches. Years after their break-up, Risa (Jane Oineza) will be the person who will then again reconnect the old sad couple but this time, Risa will be Del’s client and Louie’s fiancé.

Expect a drama packed with emotions, love, lessons and unforgettable lines as it was penned by the one and only Rod Marmol who was known for his films Cuddle Weather and Pinay Beauty. All the while, having the award winning – Antoinette Jadaone as the Creative Manager, this series has yet to prosper with the amazing talent working on and off the camera. Bagatsing, stated in an interview that this project has given them a great opportunity to actually be working with some of the most sought-after film masters of this generation. Surely, you wouldn’t want to miss this series! Coming to your screens starting on the 18th of October, Sunday, 2pm only on TV5.

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