Friday, December 11, 2020

MetroSunnies Eyewears Protect Your Eyes From Digital Screens and Are Available On Shopee's 12.12 Christmas Sale


How long have I worn eyeglasses? Well, I started wearing prescription glasses when I was around 20 years old (I think?). And from then, it has been my comfort and my struggle. Yes, it's comfort because I can see clearly, but it's a struggle because I have to endure the itchiness and irritation. If you're one of the many lucky individuals who have eye problems, well, you know what I am saying. 


Anyway, it has been twenty years already, and I'm thankful that the eyewear industry has evolved very much that each created eyeglasses are from quality and durable materials, refined through time. And one of the eyewear brands that carry the thrust of bringing the best quality products for their customers is MetroSunnies. Just a bit of side info, MetroSunnies is one of the brands that are having a good discount this coming Shopee 12.12 Christmas Sale. It's up to 37% and 43% off, a good deal to have something to protect your eyes. 

Okay, here's a little information about the brand, MetroSunnies. It is a company that brings cool protective eyewear brand for us all. Among their line of products, MetroSunnies Con-Strain is one of them that protects your eyes from the blue light emitted by the digital screens. It helps, especially if you're spending long hours of exposure on digital devices, which can strain your eyes and disrupts your sleep quality.

MetroSunnies Lion Specs (Clear) / Con-Strain Blue Light / Versairy / Anti-Radiation Eyeglasses

So, I was happy to receive one kit from Shopee and MetroSunnies. This kit contains two eyewear, the MetroSunnies Lion Specs (Clear) and the MetroSunnies Caesar Specs (Black), both of which fit just right. The MetroSunnies Lion Specs - Versairy frames are made of TR90 ultra-lightweight flexible material that is more durable and easy to wear compared to regular plastic eyeglasses. While, the MetroSunnies Caesar Specs - Con-Strain are glasses that may help you sleep better because of their effect when worn. What's interesting with these two eyeglasses is that both of them helps in protecting your eyes from blue light, a high-frequency light wave between 380-485nm. They are also anti-radiation computer eyeglasses. 

MetroSunnies Caesar Specs (Black) / Con-Strain Blue Light / Anti-Radiation Computer Eyeglasses
Here are some care tips for your eyes and your eyeglasses.
  1. Always wipe your eyeglasses with a piece of cloth for a shiny and clear view. It's great to look for beauty without obstructions.
  2. Always remember to put your eyeglasses on tables or any surface with the lens facing upward. It is to avoid scratches on the lenses.
  3. When working on a laptop or with any digital screen devices, always give time to rest and blink your eyes to avoid dryness. It also helps ease the strain in the eyes.
  4. After working, make sure to rest your eyes before washing your face.
  5. After using your eyeglasses, make to put them in a safe place to avoid damages or possible breaking.
  6. Con-Strain eyeglasses can help you have a good night's sleep.

This coming Shopee 12.12 Christmas Sale, check out and get your cool MetroSunnies eyeglasses not only to be fashionable but also for your eye protection. As the saying goes, "Beauty is in the eye of the beholder." So shop let's go shopping!

If you want to be updated with what's on sale at Shopee, just simply download the Shopee app on Google Play or App Store. SHOPEE

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