Monday, March 29, 2021

Hello Stranger The Movie, Reviews and Bits

From series to a movie, this web series led the netizens to take on a different flavor of a love story.

During the quarantine period, people became so worrisome and restless because of the uncertainties. With this, people tried to find this to do to get them busy, and binge-watching is one of them. That is why watching movies or series online became a thing, and one series that benefited from that is Hello Stranger.

Same Recipe But a Different Flavor

I have read and watched several love stories already and for someone who has been opened to understanding that there are more than two genders, every love story is different. 'Hello Stranger' is not your usual BL series, there is this sweet and romantic side without showing much of being a BL. It's more of a thing that it is a love story regardless of gender.

The same recipe of a love story but pinched with a different flavor of being a BL and a close to the real-life-like story, where most of the viewers will relate themselves.

What's interesting about the movie is that the series has laid the grounds already. A good foundation to start. The creators jumped out of the series to bring a sweet romantic story for the movie.

The Extraordinary Ingredients

Just like in your usual adobo dish, you may find that in every region there's a specialty in cooking adobo, though Pinoys use the same ingredients, there is still a play of flavor. Some like it sweet, while some like it is a bit saucy, and others like it to be plain. For the movie 'Hello Stranger,' creators delivered an intriguing flavor of love, romance, and bitter-sweet experience to make it even noticeable.

The actors, Tony Labrusca and JC Alcantara, who are both straight by the way, did manage to bring characters who somehow have been to that situation. It's not easy but they somehow able to manifest what is expected by the viewers.

Other than the characters, one of the flavors that hit the palate of the viewers is the plot of the story. With our situation today, we, the viewers always look for something different and relatable. Being locked down and quarantined in our houses is quite a story.

The Totality

The movie is a giddy story of romance out of an unusual situation. It has captured the hearts of its audience and manages to grasp that feeling until the end, most especially the last part of the movie which everyone expects whether will happen or not. 

Producers : Black Sheep
Genre : Romance Comedy

Rating : 

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