Saturday, July 3, 2021

GG Truck, Southeast Asia's First pop-up Gaming Truck, Innovates Your Game Bonding Moment Happened in SM City Fairview


For gamers, GG means "good game," but because of the pandemic, GG changed its meaning to a new one, "go gaming." In the gaming scene, games, gatherings, conventions, and competitions are your usual activities. It happens almost everywhere, but because of the global incident, we get stuck in our houses. It's more fun playing with friends and even more exciting if crowds are cheering for you.

If we cannot convene and go to places for a fun gaming experience, so, GG Company created this idea of GG Truck where this truck goes to your community for a bit of fun and playing experience. Thus, "go gaming" comes because of the on-the-go truck for gaming. It is the first-ever pop-up gaming truck in Southeast Asia.


The vehicle is then converted to a mini stage with a widescreen 10ft x 6ft LED screen to see your game in a short, enjoyable competition. GG Truck also has a sound system to give users an immersive gaming experience. It also comes with free Wi-Fi with a range of up to 500 meters, so gamers can connect and interact in a tournament platform with their matches broadcast online.

Just right before Father's Day, I was able to at least experience competing, though the game I participated in was just a mini-game of a first-person 2D shooting game. You win if you get the highest score. Unfortunately, I got 3rd place. This concept made Father’s Day weekend extra fun at SM City Fairview with GAME DAY WITH DAD where dads and shoppers enjoyed playing mobile games using their phones.

It would be a great bonding experience. It is not only for Father and son but also for the whole family. Imagine if all in the family know how to play Mobile Legends Bang Bang, then it will be a good experience. You get to enjoy, get to bond with your family, and the best part is you get a chance to win as well.

Health and safety protocols including mandatory use of face masks and face shields, temperature checks, and frequent sanitation were strictly implemented to ensure the safety of everyone.

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