Tuesday, December 5, 2023

Marian Rivera-Dantes: Leading Aji-Ginisa's Veggie Wave

Ever wondered when the tantalizing umami flavor conquered Filipino taste buds? The roots of this savory sensation trace back to the early 1950s, marking the advent of Ajinomoto in the Philippines. In 1958, Ajinomoto Co., Inc. forged a partnership, giving birth to Ajinomoto Philippines Corporation—a name now synonymous with culinary excellence.

Ajinomoto, the esteemed Japanese seasoning company famed for its umami-rich monosodium glutamate (MSG), made its way to the Philippines through strategic business collaboration. This marked the beginning of a flavorful legacy, elevating traditional Filipino dishes to new heights. The partnership addressed the surging demand for MSG, a vital ingredient in Asian cuisine, fostering a culinary relationship that has endured the test of time.

From its inception, Ajinomoto became a household staple, playing a pivotal role in Filipino kitchens. The MSG, celebrated for enhancing and balancing flavors, quickly became integral to a myriad of dishes, reflecting the brand's dedication to enriching the overall dining experience.

As the years unfolded, Ajinomoto continued to innovate, expanding its product line beyond MSG. The company's journey in the Philippines not only reshaped the local culinary landscape but also contributed to the nation's diverse tapestry of flavors.


Fast forward to today, Ajinomoto introduces a groundbreaking initiative with the Aji-Ginisa New Veggie-licious Era. Recently launched at The Blue Leaf McKinley Hill in Taguig, the event marked the official kickoff of the I Love Veggie-licious Movement. This movement seeks to make vegetable dishes more delectable, especially for kids. Renowned celebrity mom Marian Rivera-Dantes took center stage, showcasing her family's favorite vegetable recipes in a captivating cooking demo.

"Parents prioritize their children’s health, but getting them to love veggies isn’t always a breeze," shared Kazuki Kyoya. "Aji-Ginisa® can transform their dishes, making them meatier and more flavorful, encouraging kids to embrace vegetables as a part of every meal."

Marian Rivera-Dantes, a mom herself, emphasized the challenges of mealtimes and the importance of experimenting with nutritious and delicious vegetable dishes. The goal is to introduce children to diverse recipes, fostering a love for healthy food.


The event featured a heartwarming I Love Veggie-licious Pledge, led by Marian's daughter Zia, encouraging kids to promise their love for vegetables. Attendees also got hands-on with making their own veggie-licious dishes, adding Aji-Ginisa to their veggies and grooving to the Shake Shake Dance.


Ajinomoto is set to take the I Love Veggie-licious Movement nationwide, with the Aji-Ginisa® Veggie-licious Caravan visiting schools for taste tests, veg-ucation programs, and more. The Caravan will also grace key malls across the metro, introducing delightful veggie dishes tailored for kids.

This movement reflects Ajinomoto Philippines Corporation's commitment to nutrition without compromising taste, accessibility, and local lifestyles. The company collaborates with like-minded organizations, developing comprehensive programs and offering new products and services to address health and nutrition concerns.

Discover more about the Aji-Ginisa® I Love Veggie-licious Movement by visiting Cookmunity by Ajinomoto PH.

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