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Sunday, September 3, 2017

5 Things Celebrities Should Know in Joining All-Star Videoke

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When it comes to singing Filipinos are very well known and Pinoys had already made a mark in the world. Name any singing competition in the world, for sure there are Filipino contenders and what's even great is that they always hit the top, not just the notes but the prize and prestige. For celebrities it should be easy joining singing contests, but what about the All-Star Videoke

GMA Network brings their newest game show the All-Star Videoke. The game show is hosted by sexy actress Solenn Heussaff and wacky comedian Betong Sumaya. The pilot episode will be shown today, September 3, right after 24 Oras. 
So we're sharing five (5) things celebrities should know in joining All-Star Videoke that will at least give them an edge in making to the top.
  1. Prepare yourself, joining singing game show like this will be very nerve-cracking because you'll never know what will hit you. If it is a total singing contest practice your vocals but it is a no pitch and tone requirements practice your videoke skills. 
  2. Know your list of songs and memorize at least quite a number to give you an edge. It is better to have a number of tricks under your sleeves and knowing a lot of songs is one trick that will never lead you to a loosing end.  
  3. Just like the usual singing game show, the All-Star Videoke is a contest of memorization, wits and huge number of luck. You'll never know what songs will be played and what are the lyrics that will come to you. It will be filling the blanks. 
  4. Every contests have its contestants and for the game show All-Star Videoke there will be six (6) contenders and every round one contender will be eliminated. 
  5. The final round will have two (2) contenders that will vie to become the winner and who ever wins bags the prize and prestige of becoming the winner of All-Star Videoke.  
Now that you're equipped with the knowledge of this game show, start doing your audition to become a celebrity.Who know's you might be the next contestant of this game show.

Don't miss the ALL-STAR VIDEOKE every Sunday after 24 Oras via GMA Network Sunday Grande. For more details log on to www.gmanetwork,com or visit their facebook account via

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