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Friday, March 8, 2019

Cristine Reyes Kicks Into the Action Genre with the Movie Maria

7:46:00 PM

For someone who have seen quite a number of action films, female action stars are really rare and only few actresses get into that kind of genre. It's really badass when female artist took that road. There are few actresses who venture into action, some of them are Angelina Jolie and Jennifer Garner, who kicks and fly into action that really made a huge impact. It's girl power! Specially now that it's Women's Month.

Recently, a media conference of the movie Maria was held in Playhub. An action film helmed by one of the great and internationally acclaimed director, Pedring A Lopez. Maria the movie is produced under Viva Films and I can say based on the trailer is that it's really good. I can compare it with some of the international movies, of course we'll have to watch the whole film to give our proper rating about the movie.  

The movie is about a female assasin named Lily who escaped from the wrath of her organizatuin after a failed mission. She flee to a distant province and completely changed her identity and life. She became Maria and build a family with Bert, a reapectable businessman, and their daughter, Mina.

Unfortunately, her past isn't over and her life as an assssin followed her. It led her back into violence after failing to protect her family.

Present during the media conference were, Cristine Reyes, Jennifer Lee, Cindy Miranda, Johana Tongcua (child of Cristine), Ronni Lazaro, Johnny Revilla, YZ Carbonell (writer), Sonny Sison (fighting director) and Direk Pedring Lopez.

Take note how badass Cristine Reyes came into the media conference with here colored short hair but it is not her look in the movie.

During the media conference Direk Pedring shared his respect for Cristine's dedication to her work. Also Sonny Sison, the fight director, disclosed that his really impressed of how fluid their movement during the fight scene. He was convinced that the fight scene of Cristine and Jennifer were real to the point that he asked if they were okay.  Cristine Reyes expressed that for the past 15 years, she has done a lot of comedy and drama films and a few horror movies, Maria is her favorite.

The filming of the movie Maria came easy because of the actresses background in martials. For the character Lily/Maria, it was given to Cristine because she's a mother and a martial arts enthusiast.

Maria also stars Ivan Padilla, KC Montero, Guji Lorenzana, Jennifer Lee, Andrea del Rosario, Cindy Miranda, Freddie Webb and Ronnie Lazaro. Opens in cinemas on March 27. This film is from Viva Films, BlackOps Studios Asia, and PsyOps.

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Watch OTJ, A World Class Action Film

9:59:00 AM

Holidays are just one of the days that bloggers, like Kwento Ni Toto, are looking forward to. Most especially the working ones, a time off from a tiring day at work.

A time to relax and here out something new in the entertainment industry. Something different and something that we don't usually see nowadays. Yes, there's something new to look forward to in movies this coming days as Director Erik Matti, an award-winning filmmaker, takes movie goers into a new level of Pinoy action movie, an action genre that we now rarely see on Filipino films.

This August 28, Star Cinema and Reality entertainment will finally set its release of the highly anticipated iternationally-acclaimed action-thriller “OTJ” (On The Job). Starred by these brilliant actors of their generation, Piolo Pascual, Gerald Anderson and 2013 Puchon International Fantastic (PiFan) Film Festival best actor Joel Torre.

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