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Friday, March 30, 2012

Blake releases first album in the Philippines Together; Member asks KC out

7:42:00 AM


British classical pop quartet Blake, which sold over a million albums worldwide, has conquered the hearts of Filipinos with their successful promo tour for their Together album, under Universal Records. This is their first album released in the country.

Blake, composed of four talented, good looking singers Stephen Bowman, Jules Knight, Humphrey Burney, and Ollie Baines, will also serenaded thousands of Filipinas in their shows and TV guestings, which includes appearances in Showtume, ASAP Rocks, Paparazzi, among others.

Jules was reportedly smitten by actress KC Concepcion’s beauty. The two were reportedly seen hanging out a number of times.

Jules even asked KC for a “date” on National TV when they met in ASAP.

Jules pleads, “We really hope you can grab a copy of our first album to be released in the Philippines Together. It has our versions of some of the most romantic songs.”

Together boasts of having an interesting mix of traditional songs and more modern pop tracks, carefully chosen to further highlight the immense talent of the group. It includes U2’s With or Without You, Simon and Garfunkel’s Bridge Over Troubled Water, Elvis Costello’s She, among others.


The group considers their friendship, love for music, and same brand of humor as the secret to the success of their group.

Members of Blake admit being excited to perform for the Filipinos because of their love for romantic ditties.

When asked what song he wants to perform for their fans in the country, Humprey quips, “Up Where We Belong because it’s a great classic. I know you guys love to sing and you would know the words to this song.”

Blake is also considering doing collaborations with local talents soon.

Track List

  1. With Or Without You (originally popularized by U2)
  2. Bring Him Home (from Les Misérables)
  3. Bridge Over Troubled Water (originally popularized by Simon & Garfunkel)
  4. Abide With Me
  5. La Califfa
  6. She (popularized by Elvis Costello)
  7. I Vow To Thee, My Country
  8. She Was Beautiful (Cavatina)
  9. Ave Maria
  10. Nessun Dorma
  11. Unsung Hero featuring Caroline Redman Lusher
  12. Titans
  13. When A Child Is Born
  14. Here's To The Heroes (Band of Brothers Theme)
  15. Voice Of An Angel
  16. Beautiful Earth
  17. All Of Me (Inspired by Prince William & Kate Middleton's Wedding)

Friday, March 16, 2012

The Rise of Classical Rock

6:18:00 PM

How many music lovers this days are into classical?  Perhaps few because of the different genres available in market today.  What if classical music mixed with rock?  Would you think present generation would love it.  Perhaps!  But what if the musician is as good looking is this artist, David Garrett, perhaps ladies will forget about those present boy bands.

Meet David Garrett,  a virtuoso violinist and crossover musician.  He's a star everywhere from the catwalk to the Billboard charts.

He moves between two musical worlds... and it seems as if two hearts are beating in his chest: David Garrett in the world of classical music celebrated his international breakthrough.  But that was not enough.  he has finally re-invented.  With his crossover albums he conquered the rest of the world and sparked enthusiasm everywhere.  After his spectacular success in the pop-rock world, David Garrett presents his new album "LEGACY" - a classical recording of Beethoven's Violin Concerto.

LEGACY has made a historical chart debut in Germany, entering the Media Control Chart at #6!

This is the Highest Entry for a classical instrumental album in the history of the German charts!  It's a sensational result, proving again that David Garrett is an artist at the top of his game in both worlds - classical and crossover.  The debut for 'Legacy" at #6 is the highest for a classical instrumental recording since Media Control charts were launched in Germany in 1962.  The album has also charted in the Top 10 in Austria at #9, and in the top 20 in Switzerland at #18.

DAvid Garrett is Juilliard grad who at 14 became the youngest soloist signed to the prestigious classic label Deutsche Grammophon and joined the Munich Philharmonic Orchestra three years later.

This international superstar has quickly amassed a huge and devoted audience - especially of a much younger fanbase than the listeners usually associated with classical music.  His fresh, vibrant take on classical music has shot new life into this genre.  he has gained international stardom, with chart-topping albums and gold and platinum selling discs across Europe, in the UK and the Far East.  The superpowered David Garrett has experienced huge success with American audience as well.  Not only was he Billboard's best-selling Classical Music Artist of 2009, but was the #9 overall New Artist across all genres.

Garrett's unique, and wholly individual style, pays as much homage to Metallica as to Mozart.  His albums cover an incredibly diverse selection of repertoire, representing his love for many gneres, and the ability to tackle each successfully.  Garrett could have easily had a mainstream classical career, but instead chose to reinvent himself as both a classical and a crossover performer, trailblazing a unique career path as a rare multi-genre artist who reaches out equally to politely murmuring black-tie classical audiences in gilded concert halls, and to the hundreds of thousands of boot-stompin', hand-clappin' masses of all ages that pour into venues across the world to hear him play Smooth Criminal and the Habanera from Carmen.

Videos, fan sites and other media of Garrett abound on the internet, but what you won't see in cyberspace is the atmosphere of relaxed enthusiasm that spreads throughout his audiences, or the scores of children that leave his concerts holding Garrett's CDs in hand, wearing his official tour t-shirt, and begging their parents for a violin.

David Garrett's Legacy is now available in major music stores nationwide.  Exclusively distributed by MCA Music Inc.

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