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Friday, February 2, 2024

Jackie Chan is HONOR's Year of the Dragon Ambassador

11:55:00 PM

The No. 1 smartphone brand in China, HONOR, officially announced that Jackie Chan is the brand’s Year of the Dragon Ambassador during the HONOR Magic6 series and HONOR Porsche Design launch.

In order to connect technology to more consumers, HONOR has launched a series of New Year-themed activities, services, and benefits in the past. For this year, HONOR prepared a magical New Year's Eve light show that combines modern technology and traditional architecture at the Taiyuan LIFE store. It was a visual feast aimed to bridge technology and art, and the collision of classics and the future to accompany consumers in 2023. On New Year's Eve, HONOR also road-tested HONOR 100 series smartphones equipped with SLR-level photo cameras to help customers take breathtaking New Year's photos.


In light of the symbolism of Dragon being a high-raking status, HONOR introduces Jackie Chan as the brand’s Year of the Dragon Ambassador in China, not only because the award-winning actor live up to the stature of a Dragon but also has the heart that constantly pursues excellence.

In the coming months, HONOR will work with Year of the Dragon Ambassador Jackie Chan to bring a series of exciting activities for HONOR fans and tech enthusiasts alike in China.

For more exciting news and announcements, head on to HONOR Philippines’ social media platforms for exciting announcements: Facebook (, Instagram ( and TikTok Shop: ( To check out HONOR’s complete list of retail stores, go to

Friday, June 8, 2018


10:58:00 PM

Another movie to expect not only by the kids but also the kids-at-heart. Yup, the ever loving Night Fury dragon named Toothless and the brave skinny Hiccup once again on the big screen but we'll just have to wait for that next year.

To give everyone little hint about the movie Toothless is going to have a girlfriend on this film. The lone Night Fury is no longer alone.

So what if the movie will be next. Hey, It's great to have something to watch out for. This is the third part and perhaps the concluding story of 'How To Train Your Dragon'.

For now enjoy the first trailer!

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Kung Hei Fat Choi At SM City North EDSA

9:48:00 AM

This year, Chinese and Filipino-Chinese Community will be celebrating the coming of Chinese New Year.   It is said that the coming year is the year of the Water Dragon.  I have always seen and heard how Chinese celebrates their New Year, since some of my early years were spent with my father in the streets of Divisoria and Binondo.  Most of the traders and establishments owners are Chinese and some were my father's friends so I get a chance to somehow see some of their celebrations.

For this Chinese New Year I was very fortunate to get invited in SM North Edsa's celebration of the Chinese New Year.  They unveiled their theme for this years Chinese New Year.  Also and of course a much more up close with the dancing dragons and lions.

Chris Tiu was the emcee for that celebration and at the same time narrator of the Chinese New Year story. Aside from Chris Tiu, Richard Yap or commonly known now as Papa Chen was also their to play the role of a Chinese Emperor.  As Chris Tiu narrates part by part of the story there were Wushu Demonstration, Presentation from Chinese Symphony Orchestra, Dragon and Lion Dance, and there were other exhibits as part of the Chinese New Year Celebration.

Though I know and maybe most of the people know about how the Chinese New Year came about and why people use firecrackers during the celebration, I would still share a short brief about the story.

Just a brief, so story goes like this....

In early times in China, a certain little village was terrorize by a monster that came once each year. One day, just by luck, the villagers discovered that the monster got weaknesses and scared of color red and evenmore afraid of loud noises! So the villagers prepared for the coming of the monster. When the monster came everyone in the village ran for the red banners and noise makers they had made. They waved their banners and rattled their noise makers. This scared the monster so much that made it ran away and was never heard from again!

That's the short story about it and that's why there's always firecrackers and clanging sounds every year.  KUNG HEI FAT CHOI!

Photo courtesy of Azrael

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