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Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Glaiza de Castro Nais Ibahagi ang Magiging Experience sa London

6:59:00 AM

Glaiza de Castro shared during the media conference of her latest sibgle "Kapalaran" that she doean't have a cobcrete plan yet but she'll try to share every thing that she'll learn and experience in London. She also disclosed that she'll be staying in London for 3 months for the duration of her study. She'll be doing things by herself. #GlaizadeCastro #Kapalaran #Music #Entertainment #KapalaranniGlaiza

Saturday, June 8, 2019

Glaiza de Castro - 5K Challenge

12:39:00 AM

Good day mga KaToto! It's 5K Challenge once again and for this episode our newest challenger is another Kapuso Star, one of the famous kontrabida in GMA's TV series, none other than Ms. Glaiza de Castro. According to her she'll be concentrating more in music these days. She also just released her latest single "Kapalaran" which is available for download on different online platforms. So, catch Glaiza's Kasiya-siyang sagot with our Kakaibang Katanungan. Hope you'll enjoy watching it. #GlaizadeCastro #5KChallenge #Celebrity

Thursday, June 6, 2019

Glaiza De Castro Suportado ng Kapuso Network of Her Musical Career

3:25:00 PM

Second part of our #KapalaranNiGlaiza media conference coverage, as she continues to explain more about her latest single "Kapalaran" and how Juan Miguel Severo came into with the collaboration. She even explained how she patch things with her songs. Glaiza also shares her fondness of different musical instruments that she wants to learn and explore. The good thing about her being into music and showbiz is that she can rest for a while from acting and concentrate with music or vice versa. She has many things to do. #GlaizadeCastro #Music #Entertainment #Showbiz

Glaiza de Castro Brings You Her Latest Single "Kapalaran"

10:43:00 AM

One of the interesting and beautiful actress in the Kapuso Network, the kontrabida in most drama and fantaserye of the Kapuso Network, and an award-winning actress, Glaiza de Castro, once again brings her soul to her first love, which is singing. After the successful release of her album "Magandang Simulain" in 2017, with songs that gained more than a thousand streams on Spotify, comes with another inspiring single "Kapalaran". The new song, "Kapalaran" is released under  PolyEast Records.

According to Glaiza, the creation of the song which started when her friend  Alwyn Uytingco sent her some parts of the songs about his Japan trip. This inspired her to write and complete the song “Kapalaran”. She wrote the lyrics and melody for the song with a story on her mind.

Her latest single tells about a persons "kapalaran" or destiny. Surprisingly her music is somewhat shares a story about her as she pursue her first love, which is singing. During the media conference held in PolyEast Record she disclosed that she'll be taking some time from acting and will pursue her love for music as she goes to London to learn more about it. It is certificate course where she can do more once she finished it.

Ironically most artist or musicians study the art first before working but for Glaiza's part it's the other way around. She'll be living alone and learning during her stay in London.

“We all have gifts or skills or talents and whatever it is that you feel you like to do, yun ang kapalaran mo”, Glaiza said as she wants to encourage her listeners not to be pressured to what the society tells or dictates you to feel, keep pushing to what you want because whatever it is, it is your destiny.

Aside from its unique melody and range, adding spice to the music is singer/songwriter and spoken word artist Juan Miguel Severo’s spoken verse-- making it more soulful and heartfelt. Glaiza has always admired Juan Miguel for his words, sincerity, and power to communicate.

"Perfect siya sa song kasi I wanted to convey a strong message and it's impossible not to listen to him when he says something,” Glaiza added.

The lyrics and melody of “Kapalaran” that Glaiza did, plus the inspiring personal experience of Alwyn Uytingco shared and the unique vibe arrangement that Axel Fernandez it all made it all different and perfect. Listen to the new single “Kapalaran” on Spotify. For updates on Glaiza De Castro and other PolyEast artists, you can follow PolyEast Records on social media. For Twitter and Instagram, @PolyEastRecords and on Facebook it’s

Wednesday, June 5, 2019

Kapalaran ni Glaiza de Castro Paano Ginawa?

7:15:00 AM

Coverage during the media conference of #GlaizadeCastro's latest single #Kapalaran held in #PolyeastRecords office in Quezon City. During the conference Glaiza explains how her latest single "Kapalaran" was conceptualized and created together with one of the best spoken poet in the country today, Juan Miguel Severo. The music isinspiring and it tells about your "Kapalaran" or destiny.

#Entertainment #Music #Single

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